The Kiss That Took A Trip: Garlands EP (Album Review)

By: Rob Perez –

Hailing from Spain, The Kiss That Took A Trip has been making some of the most beautiful, esoteric music in the decade plus of its existence. It’s their latest EP, Garland, which continues this musical streak with its stellar, well-produced six song set of electronic music.









While Electronic bands from Europe may be a dime a dozen, The Kiss is an outlier. Before taking a listen, know that each track sounds different, yet really blends well. That’s how singer/songwriter MD Trello wants it and we say, job very well done.

For example, “Whoever Hurt You Has My Sympathy” seems to go all over the place musically, but when it comes to “Comedian Rum”, Trello stays consistent, belting out a hard-rocking charge.  Musically different, yes, but as to whether they work together on Garlands, a big yes!

From the haunting sounds of “Copernicus” to the lovey dovey “3 Year Flu”, Garlands is the kind of album not everyone will appreciate, but if you’re a fan of music that doesn’t sound like anything else, grab two beers and take a listen to Garlands.


Comedian Mum

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