The Basement Paintings: Antipodes (EP Review)

By: Rob Perez –

Hailing from the coldness of our neighbors up north, The Basement Paintings’ six track EP Antipodes is a polished, heavy rock offering that is inspired by the band’s tundra environment. With a bit of prog rock and some 90’s thrown in for nostalgia purposes, Antipodes is sharply produced, but still gritty enough to call it metal.









Actually, more like post-metal as The Basement Paintings fill a void that has been in desperate need of being filled, and it’s Antipodes that really fills that void. The music on Antipodes (according to the band), explores themes of “diametrically opposed ideologies, access points to the collective consciousness, and glimpses of divine interconnection.” As a listener, you do hear and feel the ambiance, the melodies that mix well with the wonderful bass-lines, and the slow and steady then thunderous drumbeats, all coming together to deliver one of the most exciting sounding and original releases of the year.

Antipodes is one album not to sleep on. It will totally grab you and your mind.

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