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Lil T’Shirt: Flowers/Lovers (Music Review)

By: Rob Perez –

Sweden is totally not the first thing that comes to mind when you hear rap. Maybe death metal or scarier, ABBA. Lil T’Shirt didn’t seek fame as a rapper, which he’s not. But he ended up recording a nice, mellow, trap rap album with a little R&B flavor, Flowers/Lovers. It’s got some pop, but overall, it’s a punk rocker’s vision of love and romance, something totally Swedish.

As previously mentioned, Flowers/Lovers has some trap and R&B, but is a little different sounding than what you may be used to. Think of it this way, it’s soul meeting techno, but the combo works quite nicely here. The vocals also work with the music as he conveys plenty of feeling, some hurt (this is an album about love and romance), euphoria, and all that gushy stuff love will do to you, but with great production value, and beats that will keep you entertained.

While classified as trap rap, the titles of some of the tracks are punk-ish such as “Gucci/Guns”, with some sounding sweet such as “Flowers”, and “Bby”. It’s sensitive with a side of toughness.


It’s an album that takes a little used to get into the groove with, especially if European electronica/trap is something you’re not familiar with but, with three beers in you, it will finally sink in.

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