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Don Mai: “Won’t Let You Down” (Single Review)

By: Rob Perez –

You get a little taste of Ed Sheeran-esque acoustic guitar in the beginning of Don Mai’s new single, “Won’t Let You Down”, but after the moment ends, you get a refreshing dose of a love pop gem. The title is a little misleading. Don isn’t saying he won’t let someone already in his life down. He actually wants the opportunity to show someone he’ll sadly never have that he wouldn’t have let them down. It’s a heartbreaking tune, but very relatable and enjoyable to listen to Don pour his heart out in. The music is pure modern pop, so it’s not entirely original, but doesn’t sound at all overly played out. The piano and acoustic guitar blends well with the musical production and Don’s passion in his voice, and yes, you will feel the emotions he’s pouring out. He doesn’t get the girl in the end, but we damn sure know he wouldn’t have let her down. The single won’t let you down. This is good stuff you’ll want to take a listen to with 4 beers.

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