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Annamay: Fuck You (Album Review)

By: Rob Perez –

For a debut album, you want to get attention, and naming it Fuck You will do just that. But you have to have something to say, consistently. Sweden’s Annamay does have plenty to say in Fuck You and commands all to listen.

Infusing some Swedish pop into her mostly rock/alt country debut, Annamay combines all styles to create some kickass music alongside some somber, gentle music. But the album is best described as one girl power anthem after another, definitely geared towards women to keep on keeping on in a man’s world. It’s not that it will put off us men or that us men won’t enjoy it (I did), but the audience for Fuck You is women.

Her vocals are strong and edgy, as is the music in the title track, a bold statement that encourages the listener to take a stand. “Grab The Moon Remix” is a polished, electronic version of the title track, and more radio friendly (the non-remixed version is far more gentle sounding). It’s followed by the tearful “Grandpa”, followed by “Disparage Me For Nothing, a very up-tempo party-themed track.

The album does go all over the place with different musical styles, but the themes of going for what you want, not giving up, and taking a stand will appeal to women, especially women of a certain age. While it lacks mass appeal, it will definitely go over well with those it tries to reach, enjoyed with two beers.


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