Tyler Perry’s Good Deeds (2012)

Tyler Perry's Good Deeds (2012)
Tyler Perry's Good Deeds (2012) DVD / Blu-ray

By: Billy Arceneaux (Four Beers) –

Of the two movies that I was assigned to view for this month (the first being Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance), this was the one I was least looking forward to. Now, before this, I had never seen a Tyler Perry movie in full – just clips of him in drag and promoting some TBS show. Based on that alone, I kind of assumed that this wouldn’t be my cup of tea.

In Good Deeds, Tyler Perry plays Wesley Deeds, a very successful CEO, in the midst of an existential crisis; his life is perfect on the surface – rich, hot fiancée, etc – but he’s not sure if it is what he truly wants. Lindsey (Thandie Newton), a single mom who works as a night janitor at Deeds’ building, is going through troubles herself; she’s homeless, penniless and desperate. Things change, however, when Wesley and Lindsey’s paths cross. Can they both learn a little something from meeting one another?

A Toast

If there is one thing that I can pull from this movie, it’s that Tyler Perry is extremely likable. Sure, part of it is that he’s playing the ultimate gentleman, but you get the feeling that outside of the film, he’s probably a good guy. This was confirmed when audience members cheered him on when he danced to a 2Pac song.

I bet he’s a nice fella

Phylicia Rashad deserves credit for giving a surprisingly stone cold performance in the beginning. The way she stared at her sons was icy.

Also, this is the kind of movie your mother may like; the kind that she would like to take her sisters and nieces to go and see.

Beer Two

This is melodrama at its most schmaltzy. The characters are highly emotional, almost to the point of being unrealistic, specifically Walter, the rude, anger prone brother. There is rarely a scene in this movie where emotions aren’t high. And then the ending’s use of the song “Right Here Waiting”…you’re just trying to make me cry, aren’t you, Mr. Perry?

Beer Three

As an #OWS supporter, I just couldn’t get into Wesley’s “problems”. He’s a wealthy CEO with a life most people would just kill for; I’m supposed to feel for him because this isn’t what he wants? Yes, I’m glad that he helps out a poor family, and yes I was happy that what happened at the ending (no spoilers here) happened, but I just couldn’t care for Wesley’s existential plight because he can afford to change it; something most people can’t do.

Beer Four

Believe it or not, this movie shares much with The Room. Yes, THAT The Room:

–         Both movies are headlined by their respective writer/director/producer.

–         Both are set in and have many unnecessary establishing shots of San Francisco(though Good Deeds was shot inAtlanta).

–         Both are melodramas (The Room tries to be, anyways).

–         And both expose just how wonderful and good the main character/actor is.

I wonder what would have happened had Tommy Wiseau been cast…

Oh hi, melodrama!


Not as bad as I thought it was gonna be, but still not very good. However, your mothers and aunts will probably love it, and that’s ok.

She ought to love this.

Bonus Drinking Game

Take a Drink: every time Walter gets emotional.

Take a Drink: every time Lindsey gets emotional.

Drink a Shot: to make sure YOU don’t get emotional.

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