The Toxic Avenger Part II (1989)

By: Oberst Von Berauscht (Six Pack) –

The evil “Apocalypse Corporation” has come to Tromaville, and can do nothing to fight off our good old hero Toxie.  That is until they concoct an unnecessarily complicated plan to convince the first Super Hero from New Jersey that his long-lost father is alive and well, and living in Japan.  Toxie climbs on the nearest windsurfing board and heads for the Orient.  As his quest to locate his paterfamilias begins, Apocalypse Corporation begins their reign of terror.

A Toast

This film one-ups the original Toxic Avenger in nearly every way, with grosser gags, more action, a bigger budget, and a disturbingly large quantity of sumo wrestlers.  They gave Toxie a voice that sounds less obviously dubbed… but only ever so slightly less.  They made Toxie’s mouth move more fluidly with his speech… but again, ever so slightly.  They even upped the quality of the boobs on screen.

Again… ever so slightly

Beer Two

Of course, to call the budget “bigger” is inconsequential when it is comes to overall quality.  The extra money is spent on more of the subpar crap that worked so splendidly the first time around.  If anything the action sequences feel too big, with one in particular lasting almost 20 straight minutes.  Thankfully though, as soon as the feeling of bordom started to creep in, Director Lloyd Kaufman made another demented stab in the dark that immediately reinvigorated my interest.

Beer Three

Toxie’s narration meanders with amateurish simplicity, attempting to describe a plot for a movie they might have made if they weren’t too busy filming action sequences, and showing videos of Japanese people… being Japanese.

Results may vary…

Beer Four

The dialog is so hard to listen to that it almost gives John Water’ Pink Flamingos a run for it’s money.  It is as if the script was transcribed by the ravings of a five year old after being locked in a box for an hour with a metric ton of Pixy Six.

Beer Five

The final scenes in Japan should have been the end of the movie, they could have found a way to fit in the downfall of the Apocalypse Corporation without having to continue the film for another 20 minutes.  These lengthy scenes do nothing but extend an already fairly thin joke.

Beer Six

This honorary final beer once again goes to Director Lloyd Kaufman, this time for proving that the auteur theory of film is no less relevant with schlock.  With The Toxic Avenger Part II he established a distinctive style that solidified his hold on crap-cinema.  This would carry over into every movie he’d make afterwards.

This magnificent bastard gets an Honorary sixth beer for everything. always.


It’s a fascinating pile of garbage, but an intentional one… take that for what you will.


Drinking Game

Take a Drink: for the body-count

Take a Drink: any time the “Apocalypse Incorporated” is referenced.

Drink a Shot: for nudity/sex scenes.

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  1. Lloyd kaufman is one of my favorite movie directors

  2. did the director just write a comment? if so… awesome!

  3. If that is you Lloyd, be aware that this thursday my review for Toxie III will post, and 4 will post on Halloween.

    I’m having so much fun I might add a few more Troma films next month. PoultryGeist seems fitting for Thanksgiving!

  4. A six pack of Sapporo for Toxie II

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