Tiny Furniture (2011)

Tiny Furniture (2011)
Tiny Furniture (2011) DVD / Blu-ray

By: Henry J. Fromage (Two Beers) –

Today is a good day to be Lena Dunham.  Your movie you made at 23 years old yourself, with your real mother and sister, best friend, and childhood apartment all playing major parts, caught the eye of more Hollywood big shots than you can shake two sticks and a handful of twigs at.  Your HBO show produced by Judd Apatow just released its first trailer, and that movie you made just got released as part of the Criterion Collection, you know, along with every classic film, well, ever.  

And The Rock for some reason

I’m not sure how it took so long for me to get around to watching Tiny Furniture, with all of that considered, but here goes.  The somewhat autobiographical film follows Dunham as she returns to New York after college in Ohio and moves back in with her mother and little sister.  She navigates odd jobs and destructive relationships while trying halfheartedly to decide what to do next.

A Toast

The most effusive of her fans have likened her to Woody Allen, and while it’s way too too soon for that, you can understand their thought process.  The script is full of witty, self-deprecating humor and very natural dialogue, best delivered by her delusional, wry friend Jemima Kirke.  The film is also one that could only have been made by a native New Yorker.  It is a fascinating snapshot of a specific time, place, and culture.

That culture being… hipsters apparently

Honestly, not a whole lot happens plot-wise, but that’s kind of the point.  The film instead focuses its energies on introspection and extending to examining the psyche of a counterculture as a whole.  It’s true success is how it is able to turn the plight of pasty, tattooed silver spoons into something we all can relate to.

Beer Two

For a film that depends so little on storytelling and so much on characterization, the pacing is actually quite excellent.  That is until the film devolves into a pity party about halfway through.  It pulls out of the that in time to deliver a downer, but true to the film, ending.  Still, you’ll need to reach for a beer when the perhaps inevitable shrieking freakout happens, maybe two if your volume control is faulty.

Look a the poor thing.  Tuckered herself all out.


She might not be Woody Allen yet, but if Lena Dunham can continue to spin her navel-gazing into comedy and drama gold, she’ll be well on her way.


Bonus Drinking Game

Take a Drink: for every witty rejoinder (just kidding, your eyes will go all X’s)

Take a Drink: every time Dunham mentions, eyes, or gets involved with a self-absorbed manchild

Drink a Shot: whenever that doesn’t work out so well

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