The Weekend Pregame: October 14th

By: Marielle


The Big Year –

I don’t have a lot of feelings for this trailer. It doesn’t seem great nor cringe-worthy. I’ve loved Owen Wilson’s performances in the past and Jack Black’s as well (before he became over-saturated.) Steve Martin’s playing Steve Martin. Neat. It’s the kind of movie I’d probably enjoy watching on DVD when I’m visiting my parents. The trailer makes it look like a similar concept to The Bucket List, another movie that I didn’t care to see but probably would have watched with said parents. The trailer’s misleading because it’s actually largely about having a “big year” in bird-watching.

Beer Prediction

I guess? I might shift to a four if I have to hear those stale gender-themed jokes again, so I’m not going to watch it twice.



I’ve never seen the original Footloose. I know. Kevin Bacon…. dancing… it’s crazy, right? But, I’m going to guess that it’s better than this regurgitation will be. Is it really that hard to write a script for a new dancing mov—wait, is that a school bus fight?!

Metal cover of “Wheels on the Bus” plays.

Beer Prediction

No, you will not tempt me with your bus fights and fresh hip-hop dancing. I’m being generous with a four because it’s probably quite successful at being a stupid dance movie. There had better be a scene where the church congregation breaks out into a tight routine or so help me god.


The Thing-

Why does everyone turn around so slowly when there’s something scary behind them? Wouldn’t you wanna check that shit out immediately?

This doesn’t look too bad, even though it’s your standard monster movie, and a prequel at that. The original The Thing was clearly an inspiration for a few X-Files episodes, and somehow that raises this movie’s chances in my mind.

Spoiler Alert: Mulder’s hot.

Beer Prediction

It doesn’t look like we’re being offered anything new for this genre, but it should have some good scares and Mary Elizabeth Winstead being pretty.

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