The Weekend Pregame: December 2nd

By: Marielle –

There are no wide releases for this weekend, so here’s a preview for some recent Oscar-baity limited ones.


The Descendants –

A comedy-drama based on a novel of the same name by Kaui Hart Hemmings. Clooney + TIFF entry + directed by the Sideways guy = critical acclaim!!!

Alexander Payne sure likes characters who do wacky things like drinking all of the wine from the spit bucket at a tasting, and running across town to find out who your wife has been banging. But that’s what makes things fun.

The daughter’s delivery of “real good job you’re doing” to her dad irks me a bit. I know kids can be precocious and all, but it has a feeling of contrivance coming from a young, selfish daughter. She just  happens to nail her dad’s insecurities on the head, even though she’s also self-centred and thinks dating this guy is a good idea:

Those forearms don’t make for good husband material.

Beer Prediction

It’ll probably be good, despite an unimpressive trailer. It’s the guy from SIDEWAYS!!!


The Artist –

A French black and white silent film about the decline of the silent film era. Jean Dujardin won the best actor award at Cannes 2011 and it has been praised for its good use of visuals, music, and performances (which are pretty much the base requirements of a silent film.) But, add in a dog and you’re cruisin’ for AwardsvilleUSA.

You know how certain people look like they’re from a particular era? Like, 70s chicks have 70s-face?

Yeah, there it is.

Bérénice Bejo looks too modern. Allegedly, the director was all, “Maaah! We can’t have authentic 1920s chicks, all suffragettey and rejecting make-up. I’m trying to get a black and white boner, here!”

I learned two things from this trailer: guys were just as unfaithful back then, and lonely women were just as creepy.

Beer Prediction

I’m certainly intrigued yet wary that this is almost too gimmicky.


Like Crazy –

A relatable relationship drama with a dude not nearly hot enough for the chicks he dates. Not everyone is into white, indie romances, but I have it on good authority that this is good. It has the familiar dilemmas of young love that many couples face, but it’s trying a little too hard to make me cry

How will this talented, attractive girl ever survive?!

Oh, sure. You think your relationship will be different, but it won’t. He didn’t answer your call? Oh my god, he’s probably banging someone else right now. I bet she’s way prettier than you and never gets jealous of other girls like you do all the time. Just kidding. It’s probably fine. But, just to be sure, you should get really drunk around that guy from the boys’ floor next to yours in residence who calls you “Red” because of the matching red jammies you wore on movie night in the lounge. My, my, if dimples were dimes that guy would have twenty cents.

Beer Prediction

Please keep the sensitive-voiced indie songs out of the soundtrack.


My Week with Marilyn –

Who would have thought Jen from Dawson’s Creek would have been the most successful of the bunch?

Okay, there were signs.

The alleged true story of a man who shares fleeting moments with the unprecedented celebrity icon and sex symbol (whose husband was away for one week.) The scripted events from Colin Clark’s diaries moves this beyond being a ‘boo-hoo, I’m so famous’ cliche to an insightful look intoMonroeas a person. It’s funny how every other A-list celebrity (or their publicist) has aspired for them to reach her height of fame, yet somehow they won’t shut up about their privacy.

Beer Prediction

Playing Marilyn Monroe, the most iconic symbol of womanly womanness in history, is no easy feat.  Michelle Williams will be the subject of intense scrutiny. But, she’s proven herself to be a skilled dramatic actor and there’s no doubt she pulls off a vibrant and sensuous Monroe.


A Dangerous Method –

David Cronenberg directs this historical drama about the mentor/protege relationship of Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung–and a totally messed up chick (unfortunately played by Keira Knightley.)

I can get past this.

As a former student of sex and gender, this one is of particular interest to me. Don’t let ‘historical drama’ and ‘Victorian times’ fool you. Freud and Jung together basically equals freaky sex and coke parties.

Beer Prediction

Unfortunately, I predict it may turn into a bit of a slog.

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