The Matrix Reloaded (2003)

The Matrix Reloaded (2003)
The Matrix Reloaded (2003) DVD / Blu-ray

By: Mr. Furious (Four Beers) –

The Matrix: Reloaded is the middle movie in a trilogy remembered for its failure to live up to its full potential. Just your average programmer, a young man who goes by the hacker name “Neo” works a boring job and an unfulfilling life. Very reminiscent of a psychedelic trip, Neo’s world comes crashing down while everything he thought he knew is revealed as an illusion.

The first movie explores Neo’s adjustments to this new reality he finds himself in, while The Matrix: Reloaded picks the story back up with a more confident, upgraded Neo who has finally figured out how to bypass the physical restrictions of reality by hacking into the matrix. The “matrix” being a programmed virtual representation of everyday life here on Earth.

A Toast

I watched this movie again for the first time in years. These days, with all the hype and expectations being a thing of the past, I now had the opportunity to view Reloaded from a little bit different perspective. I think if you can watch this movie with lower expectations, it’s much more enjoyable.

Every battle and action scene was entertaining and backed by a great soundtrack – especially the highway chase scene with the Jamaican twins. Ignoring the expectations piled on the trilogy regarding the story, this movie still has a lot of bad-ass moments. Perhaps not as sharp as the first movie, the Kung Fu is still top-notch in my opinion and would make Bruce Lee smile.

Beer Two

This time around, I still noticed how obvious the CGI scenes looked computer generated, but also interpreted them as more of an artistic achievement. If you find it hard to suspend your disbelief, the second beer should help make Trinity look better. (Oh, the graphics too.) Instead of complaining that certain fight scenes were obviously not real, I could enjoy the technological magic for what it was, and having personally used Maya, I now have a new found respect for what 3D animators can do with a computer. (Except Rise of the Planet of the Apes. The monkey’s look as fake as hell.)

Beer Three

Make sure you start drinking early into this one, because there are quite a few scenes of irrelevant chatter of “prophecy” and religious jabber. You’ll need to chug a beer immediately to get you through all that nonsense.

Beer Four

If you’re following my beer rating, you should be feeling pretty good about the time Neo meets up with the Architect. Now you should have even more fun trying to fully comprehend whatever the fuck he’s talking about. If you’re watching the movie with other people, don’t feel embarrassed to ask if you can replay the scene. If you can’t figure it out though, don’t feel stupid. Blame it on the alcohol!


By the end of this film, you should have four beers in your belly and be feeling good enough to ignore the part where Neo squeezes Trinity’s heart to bring her back to life. As if the kiss scene from the first movie wasn’t retarded enough.


Bonus Drinking Game

Take a shot: every time Morpheus says “The One”

Take a shot: whenever Smith says “Mr. Anderson”

Take a shot: whenever you feel the movie is metaphorically referring to religion (Be careful if you have to work the following day.)


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