The Daily Shotgun: September 14th

By: Henry J. Fromage –

This time next year we’ll all have more or less forgotten about all those aliens and vampires infesting our pop culture because we’ll have more important things to worry about, namely robots.  You can see the clouds gather with Steven Spielberg’s next film, Robopocalypse, a script he picked up before the novel even hit bookstore shelves.  Basically, in the near future all of our technology turns against us, led by a powerful A.I. that “takes on the persona of a shy human boy.”  Humanity must unite to defeat the threat.

Presumably Office Space– style

I’ve got evidence that the universe has begun to collapse and compress time as we know it: Abigail Breslin is starring in a teen sex comedy.  A Virgin Mary will star her and Carter Jenkins (one of the kids from the Bad News Bears remake everyone’s tried to forget) as two teens who agree to have sex if they’re still virgins when they turn 18.

With a fashion sense like that, she should probably just start collecting cats now instead

This isn’t movie news exactly, but it still has me all hot and bothered.  HBO is circling a pilot directed by The Squid and the Whale’s Noah Baumbach- an adaptation of Jonathan Franzen’s 2001 novel of the decade shortlister The Corrections.  Basically, the novel examines how unhappiness and dysfunction are passed down through the family, kinda like a less quirky, ultra-depressing Royal Tenenbaums.  Anthony Hopkins is apparently interested in playing the patriarch, who hallucinates a malevolent, talking turd among other things.

This is what Pulitzers are made of, folks

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