The Daily Shotgun: March 2nd

By: Henry J. Fromage –

You ever watch a Hitchcock film and think, Man, that could use remake, with maybe some more explosions and Taylor Lautners and stuff?  Well, you obviously aren’t a Hollywoodexecutive.  To be fair, the not one, but two remakes, of Rebecca and Suspicion, that were announced recently are under the care of some fairly respected writers.  Rebecca will actually go back to the original Daphne du Maurier source novel, which Hitchcock departed from somewhat in his version.  Steven Knight, writer of Eastern Promises, will adapt, which is mildly promising.  A bit less so is the person who’ll handle Suspicion, Veena Sud, of Showtime’s much maligned The Killing, who’ll also turn to the source, the Frances Iles novel Before the Fact.  As iffy as the prospect of remaking Hitchcock is, both of these projects will have a pretty low bar to hurdle to do better than other Hitchcock reimaginings.

Often, a spectacularly, deliciously low bar

Scott Pilgrim’s box-office B-52 mission dealt and undeserved blow to Michael Cera’s career, and it’s been awhile since he’s been attached to anything major besides the Arrested Development movie.  Magic Magic may not qualify as major, but it is intriguing.  The film will star Juno Temple as an American girl who goes on vacation with her friend (Emily Browning) in a remote part of Chile whose mind starts to unravel.  In it Cera will play an American expat kid gone native who shows them around.  The intriguing part of the project for me is the director- Sebastian Silva, who got a lot of arthouse cred from the darkly comic The Maid.  Most other outlets are more intrigued by the pedo mustache that Cera’s growing for the role.

Maybe it’s just an extension of Cera’s alter-ego from Youth in Revolt.  I’d… watch that.

Speaking of careers sidetracked by Scott Pilgrim, Edgar Wright’s finally nabbed another directing gig- The Night Stalker.  That may sound familiar, either because you’re familiar with the source material- the 70s TV Show in which a reporter investigated mysteries that usually had supernatural causes, or Johnny Depp’s film adaptation.  Now, I’m sure that Wright’s spin on it will make it worth a watch, but honestly, how many more vampires-this, werewolves-that genre mashups are we going to be subjected to?  And honestly, wouldn’t he be better served doing almost anything else, provided it was original?

Okay, a small part of me does want… nay, need to know what’s going on here

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