The Cabin in the Woods (2012)

The Cabin in the Woods (2012)
The Cabin in the Woods (2012) DVD / Blu-ray

By: LivingDeadGuy (A Toast) –

Cabin In The Woods is one of those movies that I heard nothing but good things about from entertainment journalists that I trust.  When they all have glowing remarks about a movie from someone you also trust (Joss Whedon), you know it’s going to be good.  You’re so confident that it will be good that you have no hesitation in letting your anticipation sky rocket to places you’re not sure the movie can reach.  There was also one solid piece of advice from them that I am going to pass on to you: go into the movie as blind as possible.  I’m serious; you see how many beers it got, just stop reading and go watch.

Alright if you must know, Cabin In The Woods picks right up where cliché leaves off with five stereotype college students going to a cabin in the woods for a weekend (half the plot is in the title, how good can this be?).  Not all is as it seems and they start getting eliminated in good bloody fashion.  There is another element to this that the trailers hint at but you don’t want to know about until you’re sitting in the theater.  Believe me, the movie is in the vein of Scream by looking cliché straight in the face and using it (only this time it’s beneficial).  There, that’s all the description you get.  Joss Whedon co wrote and produced it with long-time (I’m talking Buffy era) collaborator Drew Goddard who directed and co-wrote it.  A pre-Thor Chris Hemsworth stars; now go see the flipping movie!

See it or Marty takes you out with his…badass coffee…mug…?

A Toast

I look at my anticipation for the movie that started months ago and then look at how I feel about the movie.  I’m not let down.  I stayed blind and that was the smartest thing I could have done.  The cast is great, filling their roles perfectly and thanks to a good script, they never take themselves too seriously.  That’s another brilliant point: none of the characters make you hate them or want them dead.

There are a few instances of limited effects (the echoes heard during the escape attempt by RV) but those don’t detract from the movie in the least.

The story is a bit of a cliché with an original take.  Make no mistake, that original take IS the movie though.  It laughs at itself along with the audience.  With that idea in mind, I want to say that the movie seems to break its own 4th wall at times.  There is even a point where the movie itself writes the script.  I know, sounds weird-just trust me.

Ever seen a girl make out with a mounted wolf’s head?  Would you like to?


The movie does nothing wrong.  There may be parts that aren’t great (pffft I didn’t see any!) but they are balanced out by a lot of good stuff.  I can’t guarantee how much you’ll like the movie if you don’t like ANY horror.  If you’re a horror fan though, Cabin In The Woods WILL NOT let you down.


Bonus Drinking Game

Take a Drink: for the obligatory horror movie boob shot

Do a Shot: for the severed/isolated hands (you’ll know what I mean)

Do a Shot: every time the movie gets cliched and do another shot if the movie calls itself on it

Take a Drink: for the unicorn!!

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  1. The movies called Cabin in the Woods. Good review though.

  2. Well, thats embarrassing. You’re right and I’m wrong. It’s The Cabin and its still a good review.

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