The A-Team (2010)

The A-Team (2010)
The A-Team (2010) DVD / Blu-ray

By: livingdeadguy (Two Beers

Last summer Comic-Con was a fanboy’s dream come true more than it was good for movies.  One of the shining stars was The A-Team.  In it, up and comer Patrick Wilson serves as the CIA’s “Agent Lynch” along with an Army Intelligence officer (Jessica Biel) and the four-some of fighter-turned-actor Quintin “Rampage” Jackson, the easily marketable Hangover alum and currently most wanted actor in Hollywood Bradley Cooper, a returning-to-greatness Liam Neeson whose Taken work got him two movies that summer, and of course, District 9’s own Sharlto Copley comprising the members of a modern A-Team.

Now if you need me to tell you who plays who as far as A-Team members go, then you clearly don’t know who the A-Team is, otherwise even if you don’t know someone, process of elimination should steer you in the right direction.  But enough of my introduction to a movie that, similarly to my previously reviewed The Losers, I loved and can watch over and over till my eyes pop out of my head.  Let me tell you WHY it’s awesome.

We have an opening that takes a page out of the Friday the 13th remake’s book and shows you the original formation of the team (where F13 was a reintroduction to Jason and his ways).  We see why they become federal fugitives and how great of a team they are.  However, what drives the film is betrayal.  The A-Team becomes fugitive because they are betrayed and framed.  In the process someone who got screwed along the way needs their help….and then double crosses them.  It sounds more complicated than it is.  Trust me, while typing this, I realize how back and forth it is, but it has never not made sense to me while watching the film.

A Toast

A few things here: first, the cast, as I broke down above, is quite awesome and perfect for the time frame the movie was released.  Another thing I loved about it was the insane action sequences.  The air chase in the beginning leading to the title splash rocked.  The entire breakout sequence was amazing from the poisoning to the tank rolling out of the lake.  The ending wasn’t too shabby either.  Lynch and Pike were actually quite funny both then and in the car together.

Manning a tank turret while it plummets to the Earth is totally believable and conceivable.  Why wouldn’t it be?

I compared this to The Losers for obvious reasons.  At its core it is a group of four guys who get screwed over and only want to clear their names.  I’ve realized that I enjoyed both movies to the same extent, but they each capitalized in different areas.  The Losers took the comedic route and had less of a budget, and while The A-Team had a decent budget (to go along with its blockbusteriness and cast), it didn’t have much comedy.  Yes, Jensen’s wacky character did better with comic relief than Murdock’s.

Two Beers

The first time or two that I watched the movie, I got very confused over who Lynch and Pike were while trying to separate them and their intentions.  The actors look different and the names are so different that not one letter is the same.  My confusion though came from each of them being referred to with one name.  Call it an excuse to give the movie a beer, and maybe for someone else it’s a non-issue, but it was a slight drawback for me.  Without that, I would be hard pressed to find a reason to make it two beers other than personal opinion.  It’s what makes movies we love and find no issue with now still not as good as the favorites we have had for years.

The Verdict

Well, you should obviously watch it.  It’s a fun movie that runs a lot of parallels to The Losers, but because of the actors and the budget (and the fact that it started as an 80’s TV show with Mr. T as opposed to a lowly graphic novel), you may find yourself enjoying it a lot more.  No sequel needed.  A standalone awesome blockbuster movie with name actors, fun action scenes, and some nice explosions…not to mention, a direct reference or two to the TV show and (Last Call!) some entertaining post credit shenanigans.  Yes, I said shenanigans.

Bonus Drinking Game

Take a drink: for every fool that Baracus pities in his first scene

Take a drink: every time a plan comes together

Take a shot: for every jet cockpit Murdock takes out with the C-130….no, that’ll kill you.  Just do one for every time he flies upside down

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