Spider-Man (2002)

Spider-Man (2002)
Spider-Man (2002) DVD / Blu-ray

By: Katherine Balestrini (A Toast) –

A classic tale of boy loves girl next door, gets bit by spider, turns into an AWESOME Spider-Man. He can do anything a spider can, climb anything, fly through the air with nought but some web and is more flexible than any spider I have ever ran screaming away from.  This is, of course, from the mind of Stan Lee and the cartoons and previous films are left behind in this well-acted, well-written revamp of the well loved Spider-Man franchise. It has heart, great acting and most of all dead parents. As anyone who is anyone can tell you people with dead parents in stories nearly always end up in adventure: Harry Potter, Batman, Hal Jordan, Huckleberry Finn, Cinderella ,and even Bobba Fett.


Superman: the most famous Orphan of them all. But Smallville Superman looked much hotter in black than red and blue

A Toast

The movie begins by telling how Peter Parker becomes Spider-Man and how the Green Goblin is created. Question is, if there was no Spider-Man who would have defeated the quite insane Green Goblin? Tobey Maguire takes the role seriously and does an outstanding job as Spider-Man. I was sceptical at first but I was a fan when it was finished. Outstanding performances all round. It’s funny in all the ways it is in the comics and just as cheesy.


No one can stop the Green Goblin? Well, not unless there is some rogue spider out there biting people!

Sam Raimi was a strange director to showcase Spider-Man, but his vision and obvious love for this character is what made this film a hit. He seems like the nerdy kid who grew up and did well, so I should think Mr. Raimi could relate to Peter Parker more than most directors. As well as Raimi, the world was sceptical about Tobey Maguire as Spider-Man, whose previous movies were serious, thought-provoking movies. Tobey outdid himself both physically and as an actor.


A fine actor and my hormones thank you

My favourite part of the movie was the costume design. How many teenage boys sit round drawing super hero costumes? And where oh where did he get that material from? Another moment I liked was when the guy from the Evil Dead movies turned up, excellent. As for the thanksgiving dinner, we have all thought that Mr. Osbourne was going to stab Aunt May! The newspaper segment was reality at its finest, bad headlines, a shouting editor, and the photos are posed for!





A true Superhero movie, with very few flaws. Both fans and novices enjoyed this movie. At the time it broke all box office records and rightly so. A film so loved by fans that in Britain we requested that a new certificate was brought in so we could take our kids. Released as a 15 certificate originally in the UK and then rereleased as a 12A. I took my son the very day it was rereleased, it blew his mind the same way Superman blew mine when I was little. A movie that will stand the test of time, unless they remake it within 10 years!!! Well, the kiss will.



Drinking Game

Take a Drink: every time Peter looks at MJ in a loving way. But, if it happened in reality she would have a restraining order against the creepy kid next door!

Take a Drink: for every cheesy one liner

Take a Drink: when there is no way he can attach the web to anything but air!

Do a Shot: Mary Jane in the rain!!

Do a Shot: when Mr. Dafoe overacts!

Do a Shot: Thanksgiving dinner! Poor Peter.

–           A review from your friendly neighbourhood Spiderman fan.

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  1. As much as I enjoyed this movie when it came out and years later, i’m afraid the newest Spider-Man movie was better. I liked the darker tone of the film and I feel that it did a better job of bringing back Spider-Man’s trade mark sarcasm. Still an enjoyable movie though.

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