Serenity (2005)

Serenity (2005)
Serenity (2005) DVD/Blu-Ray

By: Shelby Edwerd-Nerd (Three Beers) –

For many die hard Firefly fans, Serenity was a dream come true. After its unjust cancellation by Fox, fans rallied together and urged Joss Whedon to not let this incredible television series be banished to history. Their call was answered- in the form of the feature length movie of Serenity.

Serenity follows the Captain Mal Reynolds’ crew of, erm, the Serenity, as they try to escape from an assassin who has been sent by the Alliance to capture one of their passengers, who isn’t as normal as she appears. They uncover deadly government secrets on their way, and in the end must uncover the truth about the actions of the totalitarian regime they live under.

A Toast

The movie keeps fans of the TV series entertained, and it explains some of the mysteries which were left unsolved in Firefly. The characters remain their same, dry humored selves, and retain some of the magic of the original show. The story itself is interesting; it expands on what exactly happened to River when she was in the ‘government school’, and shows some of her darker side, and what powers she has. We also discover more about Reavers and the implications of their creation. Whilst tying up some loose ends, it also leaves the possibility of a sequel open.


Ballet or kung fu, Summer?

The effects are brilliant, still keeping some specialist nods to the television series, e.g., the lack of sound in space. The soundtrack is memorable, western music to a space adventure definitely gives it a Star Wars feel.

Beer Two

This review might seem quite short, because sadly, the film just isn’t the television series. It would have done better being a TV movie or a one-off long episode. No matter how hard Joss Whedon tried with this film (undoubtedly, it is not a bad movie), Firefly will always be superior to it. Also, whilst it did answer some interesting questions, Serenity does not answer some of the blindingly obvious hints made in Firefly. Is Shepherd Book actually a Shepherd? What happened to Simon and River’s parents? Will Mal and Inara ever have more than sizzling sexual tension?

Beer Three

Without giving too much away, a few characters, a few LOVED characters die, explained by them not signing on for the sequel. It doesn’t matter whether or not they made themselves unavailable for a sequel, it was just unnecessary.


I choose you Pikachu!



A decent film that satisfies the diehard fans, however, it is not as good as the original series, Firefly.


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