Seeking Justice (2011)

Seeking Justice (2011)
Seeking Justice (2011) DVD / Blu-ray

By: Jake Peroni (Five Beers) –

Somewhere out there, a man sits alone in a dark room next to a half empty bottle of warm scotch. Fighting off the bitter tears escaping his crippled soul, struggling to recover from the greatest rejection in the history of mankind. THIS is the first man who wrote a script that Nicolas Cage “passed on”.

Seeking Justice is packed with talent, including Nick Cage, January Jones, Guy Pearce, and the guy who relentlessly yelled “WAAAALT” through 3 or 4 seasons of LOST.

How did this limited release/direct to video Cinemax-type movie land such big names? Because the concept was excellent… The problem was the script and the direction it took was as weak as OJ’s alibi.

Will and Laura Gerard (Cage and January Jones) have a normal life. Will is a passionate school teacher and Laura does something too, not sure what, it doesn’t matter. Anyway, Laura is attacked and violently raped one splendid evening on her way home from work.

Distraught and confused, Will is approached at the hospital by a man with an unusual proposition. This man, Simon (Guy Pearce) informs Will that he knows the attacker and can have him dead within 24 hours. Will just needs to agree to do a favor for Simon in the future. (Basically he got his business degree from watching The Godfather).

Will agrees by buying “2 candy bars” in the waiting room. In true climactic fashion, the purchase of one candy bar just wouldn’t be enough of a signal…TWO is the magical number that kills rapists. It is the most suspenseful vending machine purchase in the history of film.

Justice is carried out, and life returns to normal… That is until Simon calls to cash in his favor. That’s when Will finds himself caught in a web of murder, conspiracy, and constant danger. With his days numbered he scrambles to uncover the truth about the vigilante conspirators and he finds more than he bargins for.

A Toast

Very few actors have the market cornered in “scripted freakouts” as Nick Cage does. Nick Cage is his usual self; always fun to watch him play a “normal guy.” It’s almost as if he has no idea what “normal guys” do, and he finds it difficult to play the common joe, but he definitely has the opposite end down pat:


Simon is an intriguing character, and the only real interesting person in this film. The premise and scene at the hospital was worth the price of admission, (or time to watch it free). It raises the moral question to all of us: whether we would agree to the same deal as Will. Vigilante concepts are powerful, and some of the most entertaining, provided the plot and script can maintain the realism. Unfortunately, the genre is overwhelmend with failures due to poor plot development and the need to add generic “twists” that alter the final outcome.

Beer Two

Another damn conspiracy movie. They couldn’t keep it simple. The formula was working… A common man does what anyone would do and agree to have revenge carried out, and when it was his turn he couldn’t do it. What’s so wrong with that? They had the need to fill the plot with junk to fill 105 minutes? By now we are all wise to the twists that ANYONE can be a bad guy. It’s just not realistic and distracting from the actual solid plot that was introduced, but then trampled over by conspiracy. It even alters the character of Simon, who could have been enough to carry the film without the conspiracy.

Beer Three

With the conspiracy comes the predictable twists and just as many holes in the plot. There are more gaping holes than a Rhode Island massage parlor and just as many abandoned storylines as an Alzheimer’s nursery rhyme. The “realism” factor is just thrown aside to try to induce emotion from the audience, but all we feel is frustration.

Beer Four

At one point a detective that seemed to know everything that was going on just helped Nick Cage escape from an interrogation. SERIOUSLY? The other officers don’t seem to question why he would have done that? Only just believe that he left Nick Cage in the room handcuffed to a chair, with no clue how he got out? Stupid, stupid, stupid. Another example of the worst police department in the world. It seems like lazy writing, and that we are expected to eat whatever is thrown at us.

Beer Five


WAAAAAALLLLLT!  OH Come on!!!  I have absolutely HAD IT with the ridiculous plot twist that the ‘best friend” is actually the bad guy. When is Hollywood going to stop force feeding us this BS? IT RUINS movies! There is no way in hell his best friend and the principal of his school needed to be included as a high ranking figure in the underground vigilante syndicate. I’m tired of the writers trying to keep us guessing what happens next; IT’S ALWAYS the friend, or the husband, or the father…it’s such BS. If my BEST FRIEND was a murderer, I’d know…or at least suspect. But the last thing that would ever happen is he would encourage and support me on a great quest that ends up uncovering himself to me as a villain, forcing us to fight. Sorry, friends just don’t do that sh*t. I am just so fed up with this bogus twist.


If you like vigilante movies proceed with caution…I recommend only watching the first half, because it tanks quicker than a Chinese Badminton Team. Premise was great. They just screwed the pooch in too many ways to make this anything worthwhile.


Drinking Game

Take a Drink: any time you root for Simon

Take a Drink: any time Nick Cage runs

Take a Drink: any time someone dies

Down a Shot: any time the detective interferes with no backlash

Down a Shot:  Ii you get this following COMMON BAR TRIVIA QUESTION wrong:

QUESTION: What was the one film that Nicolas Cage was credited using his birth name Nicholas Coppola?

(ANSWER: Fast Times at Ridgemont High)

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