Scream 3 (2000)

By: Henry J. Fromage (Five Beers) –

The weekend and Scream 4 is fast approaching, so I figured I’d get Scream 3 in even though most of what I’d heard about it wasn’t encouraging.  Well, lets just say that it’s hard to anticipate much from Scream 4

The plot this time is based on the production of the latest Stab sequel.  Sidney is in the Hollywood foothills, but is drawn out when somebody starts murdering the cast and then moves on to the real people the characters are based on- Sidney and Friends.

Which would be the name of the children’s show that Craven probably has in development

A Toast

The one thing I can say about the series is that the production values seem to be increasing.  Scream 3’s best scene, where Sidney is chased by the killer through the movie set version of her house from the first movie, involves some pretty impressive stuntwork.  Hopefully the fourth installment will continue with the use of practical effects instead of CGI.  I also enjoyed the several fanboy cameos and have to admit that double Gale Weathersi was pretty amusing.

Although we still aren’t spared Jamie Kennedy, or his sister?

Beer Two

To this movie’s existence, I guess.  Scream made fun of sequels as the casch-grabs they often are, and this is clearly the reason for Scream 3.  Favorite characters we assumed were dead inexplicably reappear, themes that were tired a movie ago are recycled, and once more we are promised an end to the series that is obviously more dependent on Benjamins than storytelling.

Beer Three

The main gambit in this one, which isn’t a spoiler because you find out in the first scene, is some sort of machine that the killer uses to perfectly emulate the voices of others.  It’s pretty unclear how this is supposed to work, particularly when the killer starts using Sidney’s dead mother’s voice.


Beer Four

Really with all of these films it comes down to the end.  3 is really supposed to be all about subverting the classic rules of a trilogy, and it has a nice spin on it at first.  Then, thanks to more bulletproof vests you can shake a stick at, it implodes under the weight of its truly ridiculous screen writing.

Beer Five

A last beer to the fact that a series that was supposed to caricature slasher movie stereotypes has finally devolved into one more movie wallowing in them.

Which is never pretty


While definitely not a very good film, the sad thing is that it’s still a bit above average for the slasher genre.  You might as well watch it if you intend on checking out Four.


Bonus Drinking Game

Take a drink: every time the director bitches about something

Take a drink: every time a Stab actor impersonates a main character

Drink a shot: for every cameo.  First spotter doesn’t have to drink.


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