REC (2007)

REC (2007)
REC (2007) DVD / Blu-ray

By: Joel Olivo (Three Beers) –

Angela Vidal, a Spanish newscaster, is interviewing a local fire house when an emergency call goes out. The firefighters mobilize with the news crew in tow. Things quickly spiral out of control when the fire and news crew find themselves quarantined inside the building with its residents. Angela and her camera man Pablo document the events that unfold in the small residential building.


“This will move me to prime time for sure!”

A Toast

With over 100 (somewhere around 127…. yes I have seen Gangs of the Dead) zombie films under my belt I consider myself somewhat of an aficionado. In a genre where hackneyed phrases and carbon copy character archetypes reign supreme, one can get desensitized when it comes to what these flicks are about. I had been following this movie for a long time, and as soon as it became available I purchased the Region 2 DVD from Amazon (toting a $50 price tag!) and waited for it to arrive from Spain; boy, was it worth the wait.

REC delivers a visceral and jarring experience. I was doubtful of the POV, (the film is viewed through the eyes of Pablo’s camera) but I found it added to the “realness”. Sometimes it felt like you were actually watching a news segment. Every twist and turn feels like you’re watching the events unfold live, adding tension and panic.

Beer Two

Real life is generally not that exciting. Frankly the doldrums of real life are why we are drawn to watch movies. Over-discussions and useless yelling make all of the characters feel like real people and like real people sometimes they suck.


“Is my mic on?”

Beer Three

While I usually pay monthly for my point of view experience one thing I will not stand for (regardless of genre) is an excuse to use night vision. The night vision camera scenes did not add to the panic, and I found that they cheapened the generally entrancing experience.


“Night Vision cleavage is still cleavage…..”



REC provides a refreshing addition to the zombie/ infected genre. It demonstrates what good shooting and a solid story can do regardless of budget. Since its American remake, Quarantine, Region 1 versions of the original DVD are now available. If you’re a fan of horror, zombies, or just a gripping story line that moves faster than a car crash this movie is for you.


Drinking Game

Take a Drink: every time someone dies.

Take a Drink: every time you’re more concerned about anyone other than our protagonist.

Do a Shot: anytime you jump!

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