Premium Rush (2012)

Premium Rush (2012)
Premium Rush (2012) DVD / Blu-ray

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For those that don’t know, Joseph Gordon-Levitt career began with a television show called 3rd Rock From The Sun.  Though, he’s more recognized as the star from movies such as (500) Days of Summer, Inception, and The Dark Knight Rises.  That’s one indie movie, two supporting roles from Christopher Nolan films, as well as GI JOE: Rise of the Cobra for which he played Cobra Commander — not bad.  This time around though, it’s the JGL show.  Premium Rush documents a few hours in the day of a NYC bike messenger with a very sensitive package *snicker*.  In a lot of ways, this is The Transporter on bicycles.  Not a bad thing, surprisingly.  When was the last time you saw a movie about people on bicycles/bike messengers?  That Lance Armstrong biopic probably won’t happen now so you don’t even have one to look forward to!  Anyway, the movie is JGL (known in this movie as “Wiley”) trying to take an envelope to Chinatown.  There are a few cops trying to stop him for various reasons and of course a rival messenger.

Levitt Cobra Commander

Okay, so maybe he didn’t look like the Cobra Commander we’re used to…

A Toast

One of the biggest continued gripes about movies these days is the lack of originality.  Everything is a sequel or a reboot.  I mean, you can refresh my memory in the comments, but again, when was the last time there was a movies about a bike messenger?  A familiar faced, but lesser known cast was also pleasant to see.  That’s largely because this film is completely intended to be a vehicle for JGL to get bigger, better roles.

Secondary parts of the film are things I rarely comment on because they never stick out to me.  For Premium Rush though, both the cinematography and soundtrack did a great job at enhancing the movie.  Between those and the chase scenes, the movie came off that much better.

Two Beers

How the story is presented…let’s say the editing job was poor.  There was a lot of jumping back and forth in the timeline to explain things that go confusing.  Each cut was almost its own mini story that was titled with a time stamp and you basically had to figure out what happened and where in the storyline it took place.  It was one of the movies where a few different parts of the plot are happening at once and while it’s all presented to you, you have to figure out how it all fits.  That got confusing.


At first glance, the movie is cheesy.  Someone got smart though and pitched it to JGL as a fun movie to take the lead in.  It comes at a perfect time where he had a big role in The Dark Knight Rises and is opposite Bruce Willis in Looper later this year.  I signed up for it because after all the work I’ve seen from JGL, I trust him to deliver.  Not only that, but the better this movie does, the bigger his roles will be, sooner.  His star is rising like Chris Hemsworth’s and Channing Tatum’s right now.  The movie isn’t nearly as good as his previous ones but it’s not supposed to be.  It’s a good, exciting movie about NYC bike messengers with a young up and coming lead. See it.

Lautner Tracers

Say what you will about Premium Rush, you know it’s better than this would be.  Think it’s completely made up?  Google “Taylor Lautner Tracers”.  I dare you.

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Drinking Game

Take a Drink: whenever this feels like The Transporter on bicycles

Take a Drink: every time Google Maps misses a cheap plug

Do a Shot: each time brakes are discouraged

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