Perfect Sense (2011)

Perfect Sense (2011)
Perfect Sense (2011) DVD / Blu-ray

By: Henry J. Fromage (Four Beers) –

Perfect Sense asks us how the world would look if it was struck by a disease that caused us all to… gradually lose our senses?  Goddam, that title’s just right on the nose, ain’t it?

Claressa Shields

Like a Claressa Shields right cross

Ewan MacGregor and Eva Green are the self-monikered Mr. and Mrs. Asshole, who could have picked a more auspicious time to fall in love; namely any time before society and their own bodies began to self-destruct after the advent of S.O.S.- Severe Olfactory Syndrome.

A Toast

I kind to have to admire the ballsy move of making two thoroughly unlikeable characters the romantic leads.  This wasn’t the mistake that every producer of a Katherine Heigl movie always makes.

The Ugly Truth

… is that this is the death rattle of your career

Nope, this was deliberate, and it’s a testament to MacGregor and Green’s acting that they make these people in this situation plenty relatable.  There’s also plenty of nifty ideas in this flick about how both daily personal life and society as a whole begin to be affected once the five senses start disappearing one by one.  Lastly, there’s plenty of beautifully shot cloudy Irish scenery to stare at, and, oh, did I mention Eva Green’s in this?

Eva Green

Little known fact: the name Eva actually means “Frequent Nudity”

Beer Two

Perfect Sense, S.O.S… nope, that’s not nearly as clever as you think it is, screenwriters.

Beer Three

Ditto all of the little montages of Buddhist monks staring forlornly at the incense they can’t smell or children crying because of spilled ice cream or deep ennui or whatever.

Beer Four 

Actually, this film is much more obvious than it thinks it is in just about every way.  Right from the beginning, when we’re hammered with how our protagonists will never find love, all of the pretty trappings of this film don’t quite cover the lazy script underlying them.


Go watch the way underrated Blindness first, but if you like that with a little Ewan MacGregor being a dick on the side, there are worse uses of 90 minutes.


Drinking Game

Take a Drink: for every montage

Take a Drink: every time someone compensates for a loss of a sense

Do a Shot: for disgusting eating

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