Pawn Stars (TV Review)

Pawn Stars (TV Review)
Pawn Stars (TV Review) DVD / Blu-ray

By: Kyle Daley (Four Beers) –

So what happens when History Channel realizes they haven’t been discussing much history over the past five years and need to figure out a way to get back to their roots but still keep the A.D.D. crowd?  You get Pawn Stars, the historical reality show hybrid set in a pawn shop right off the Las Vegas strip.  Every episode features various characters coming into the shop trying to see if they can make a profit on some old stuff that has been lying around their houses.

A Toast

For trying to educate this short attention span nation of ours.  I’m actually dead serious. I actually admire the show for taking the reality show format and attempting to make it an informative, educational program.  Honestly, a smart move by the History Channel considering that the only other show worth watching they put out is about a bunch of crazies trying to convince me that the Pyramids were built by little green men from Pluto.  And you guys were expecting a Uranus joke, weren’t you?


Beer Two

You don’t really learn that much about each item that is brought in. Sure, Rick has a bunch of buddies that are experts concerning various topics, but they really don’t spend that much time teaching you the historical relevance beyond four sentences. Sure it’s nice to hear that a straightening iron from 1952 that’s in mint condition is worth $110, but what I want to know is how did it affect the evolution of hair care products that came after.  As a man, I demand there to be a one hour documentary revolving around hair care products on the History Channel soon (he said with total sarcasm).

Buyin' yo family heirlooms to photoshop a picture like this homies.
Buyin’ yo family heirlooms to Photoshop a picture like this homies.

Beer Three

The lame subplots they put in every episode become annoying very quickly.  It’s not so much that they cause any real pain or discomfort, they’re just really bothersome and it doesn’t help that the guys on-screen can’t really act.  It would just be nice if the show stuck with finding the value of old things and nothing else, that’s all.

Beer Four

It gets really repetitive after a while.  No matter what type of show you have, be it sitcom, drama, or reality, you can’t really do too much when you have just one set and have only four cast members.  Ultimately, watching people bring in old stuff, having some guy tell you what it’s worth and then argue about the price can get dull after a while.



Now, before you fans of the show start writing your angry letters to me (that I’ll never read), just know this: I was addicted to the show for a bit, too.  So clearly the show did something right.  However, as you have read I hope you understand why personally left the show’s fan army.  The main reason being the show’s repetitive nature.

If you’re still a fan, good for you, honestly; but then maybe you should start to consider looking for a support group to help get over this show.  Or any of the knock off shows that soon followed like American Pickers, or American Restoration.  Or even Cajun Pawn Stars.  And if you’re still a fan after that, then I have a failed as an angry Internet reviewer with too much free time on his hands.  However, the thing I love most about the show is that the first thing you see when the show opens is an image of a Patriot’s Super Bowl Ring.  Take that, fans of whatever team it is they beat from that year I’m not sure of!

It's always great to see a man wear something of such class
“It’s always great to see a man wear something of such class,” said every cocky Patriot’s fan ever in a thick Boston accent.

Drinking Game

Take  Drink: every time Rick needs to get a specialist to look at an item.

Take a Drink: every time Rick laughs at one of his own jokes.

Take a Drink: every time you get a trivia question between commercial breaks wrong.

Do a Shot: every time Chumlee messes things up.

Do Two Shots: every time they buy something that turns out to be worthless.

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  1. I’ve also had my marathons of this, but you’re right- it gets old fast. And goddam, watching these guys “act” and deliver lines is painful.

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