Nitro Circus 3D (2012)

Nitro Circus 3D (2012)
Nitro Circus 3D (2012) DVD / Blu-ray

By: LivingDeadGuy (Four Beers) –

Have you seen Jackass? Do you like the X-Games? Well then I have the perfect movie for you! Nitro Circus 3D is just that. There were even interview segments throughout the movie with both Jeff Tremaine, director of the Jackass trilogy (can’t believe I just typed Jackass trilogy, I need a drink just for that), and Johnny Knoxville (do I really need to say who he is?) who says that the two entities have the same mother but two different fathers. That the difference between Jackass and Nitro Circus is that Jackass is just pranks meant to fail, whereas in Nitro… you fail, you die.

Not sure what the actual goal is, but I think the answer is technically both.

A Toast

I don’t know much about the Nitro Circus group. I semi-followed Travis Pastrana years ago when he was just starting double backflips in competition. The movie indicates that they are a tight knit “family” that is doing what they love and found a way to be successful, never having to grow up. It’s legal, profitable, entertaining to some, and they love it. You can’t fault them for that. And in reality, it’s a step up from the “meant to fail” pranks of Jackass.

Two Beers

There was no 3D. No gags for it, nothing. I was surprised the screen was as blurry as it was when I looked without glasses cause there were no bikes or body parts flying at the screen. Not even water hitting the camera.

Three Beers

Coming off of The Dark Knight Rises at 2 hours and 45 minutes, THIS felt longer than it needed to be. I checked my phone twice in the last 30 minutes wondering when it would be over. This could have easily been a 70 minute DVD in the extreme sports section.

Four Beers

A complaint from me personally is that the leader of the group, Travis Pastrana did next to nothing. He felt like more of the guy financing everything and putting his name on stuff in order to sell the product than he did performer. That doesn’t mean he didn’t do anything, just not this:

 Sorry, no Travis Pastrana highlight reel here


There were about six other people in the theater at 2 pm. Three of them were two rows behind me and they LOVED the movie. They were laughing most of the time, so hard in fact that their feet slammed the floor. Yes, there were funny parts. Nothing gross that you have come to expect from Jackass (that thing is a Darwin competition). The highlight was in the beginning when they had shots of the guys on an outdoor track doing a billion and a half tricks. That was cool and well done. The Christ Air in the arena at the end was cool too. That’s right, I name-dropped an X Games trick, I’m cool!

Drinking Game

Take a Drink: for every stunt they do. Not as deadly as it sounds.

Take a Shot: for every wipe out. Okay, this will kill you. Instead, take one each for burned abs and engines dying.

Take a Drink: for every stunt YOU WOULD do

Take a Shot: for every stunt YOU WOULD NOT do


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  1. Thanks for the honest review. The guys in my office at DISH said that Nitro Circus: The Movie was lacking in the gross out humor compared to Jackass as well, but I have been riding BMX since I was four, so I know I will still enjoy the extreme stunts. I watched both seasons of Nitro Circus, so when you say if you fail you die, I know exactly what you mean. I can’t wait to see the madness after my shift! It always sucks having to leave my house to go to the Redbox or Hollywood Video, but since I started renting from Blockbuster at Home through DISH the discs are already waiting in my mailbox when I get off work and tonight is going to be epic!

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