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By: Julio De Francisco (Three Beers) –

A Toast

Synopsis:People who actually care to read this synopsis have likely seen one of the first two films of this trilogy.So let’s make it simple.It’s as if Meet the Parents had a baby with Meet the Fockers and they had a malformed inbred Siamese child called Little Fockers.

two-headed baby

It’s a goddamn tragedy

I thoroughly enjoyed this film mainly in part that I was sitting next to people who were also enjoying it (people ages 50+).As you may very well know, we humans are social creatures.Even if at first it makes you uncomfortable to laugh at something that isn’t funny, if many people around you start laughing you eventually find yourself joining in this hearty and wonderful act.

With that said, I have to toast Little Fockers for hitting their market, the mentally challenged folk who prefer things never change.If you are the type of person who goes to a restaurant and asks for the same thing again and again, this film probably won’t disappoint you.The plot is the same, the attitudes the characters have towards one another are the same, and even the sneaking around to get some boning hasn’t changed.I’m in my 20s, surrounded by folks in their 50s busting up, and it was all in all a great experience.

In addition, there were a couple of social media references that I thought Little Fockers hit dead on.For example, Jessica Alba plays a flirtatious pharmaceuticals agent Andi Garcia whose personality you’re more likely to find on Myspace than Facebook.Also the reference about how Google had basically replaced Jack Byrnes (Robert Dinero) need to call the CIA for intelligence was great.In both cases, Little Fockers got it right.I also enjoyed the Harvey Keitel cameo as a construction worker and Dustin Hoffman’s flamenco dancing.These things, sadly… entertain me.

Google CIA spy

Just short of climbing through your windows.*

Beer Two

When Greg Focker (Ben Stiller) took his Godfather duties too seriously, things get ridiculous.In the film, Jack Byrnes realizes that Greg is the only worthy candidate to carry on the Byrnes’s emblem and inherit the history to be passed down.After being christened a GodFocker, he takes on the persona of Andy Garcia from the Godfather 2.The whole Italian greeting of kissing on two cheeks was a reach for his character.

The Godfocker t-shirt

Another goddamn tragedy

Beer Three

The scene where Greg stabbed his father-in-law’s dick with a hypodermic needle had me reaching for my junk and my third beer.This scene was not only painful, but also unnecessary.The bad joke is exacerbated when Greg’s child witnesses the entire event.The scene was pretty tame, though.There was no Judd Apatow shocker visual of Stiller holding De Niro’s penis.But, even the thought of a this happening to a human being warranted this beer to calm my nerves.

Jason Segel, Forgetting Sarah Marshall

My thoughts exactly, Jason.


If you watched the first two, go ahead and watch this one.Otherwise, don’t waste your time.

* From: (2008)


Bonus Drinking Game

Take a Drink: anytime you hear the word Focker

Take a Drink: whenever you see Sustengo logo

Shotgun a Beer: when Ben Stiller stabs Robert Dinero’s dick with a hypodermic needle.


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