Just Go With It (2011)

Just Go With It (2011)
Just Go With It (2011) DVD / Blu-ray

By: Julio De Francisco (Four Beers) –

Danny (Adam Sandler) has a likely strategy for hooking up with chicks – he wears a wedding ring and pretends he’s in an unhappy marriage.Until one day he falls hard for Palmer (Brooklyn Decker), an extremely attractive elementary school teacher.She discovers a wedding ring in Danny’s pocket and is not impressed, leading Danny to fake going through a divorce with Katherine (Jennifer Aniston), his assistant at his plastic surgery practice.Also stars Nicole Kidman, Dave Matthews, and Nick Swardson.

Believe it or not, there’s a man paddling on his surfboard in this picture.

A Toast

Brooklyn Decker!YOU ARE HOT!And for that, I raise my glass to you! Bond has his girls, right?Well now I believe Adam Sandler has his.For example, Kate Beckinsale in Click, Bridgette Wilson in Billy Madison, and Jessica Biel in I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry are all very attractive.I know ones taste in women is different, but I’d like to think she’s #1 of all the women who have been featured in Adam Sandler flicks.She’s a welcomed distraction to what is otherwise another addition to a long line of disappointing Happy Madison productions.

Honorable mention for the toast:Nick Swardson, who fakes being an online sheep salesman, elbow-dropping a near-dead sheep. It’s epic.

Beer Two

Poor editing leads to weak relationship and character development that makes this beer necessary.The relationship that Danny begins with Palmer happens too quickly and doesn’t make much sense. They meet at party where there are rich and plastic surgery/botox patients. The film never explains why Brooklyn is there because she is neither rich nor had plastic surgery,She’s an elementary school teacher.

After the initial meeting the film cuts to them walking on the beach talking and flirting.Then it cuts to them waking up on the beach. The film felt rushed and disorganized.Sad note: there are 6 screen writers credited to this film.I think this film was a victim to the Law of Diminishing Returns, they may all have had great ideas, but it’s hard to fit all that into two hours.

Probably not the best analogy…

Beer Three

The lack of chemistry between Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston — beer me please!You can tell something is supposed to happen between them in this film just from looking at the movie poster.So, it should be no surprise that you when Danny passes Palmer up for Katherine. *glug glug glug*Don’t get me wrong, Jennifer Aniston is beautiful for 42.She has a rocking body that she shows off in the film.

But no sane person would pass up on Brooklyn Decker.I’d put up with her singing ‘Nsync in the shower.It’s in my genetic code, no matter how annoying a woman might be, if she’s a perfect 10, you just look the other way when it comes to their flaws.My problem with Danny and Katherine ending up together is that there was absolutely no romantic chemistry between them.Then out of the blue, it just appears.


Who would you rather?

Beer Four

Andy Roddick’s cameo as the attractive guy Palmer meets on the way back home from Hawaii reminded me that I needed another beer.In real life, these two are engaged.Maybe I’m alone on this, but I get uncomfortable watching people who are dating in real life sharing the same screen in a movie. It doesn’t bother me if they met on the set of the film (like Mr. and Mrs. Smith’s Pitt and Jolie).But, when it’s already a romance like Ben Affleck’s Gigli with Jennifer Lopez, it makes me cringe.

Such a cute couple.


What can I say?As bad as the movie was, Brooklyn Decker was just the purrrrfect distraction to what otherwise would have been at least 5 beers.Despite its editing and character development flaws, there are some pretty big laughs that will be had.Look for Kevin Nealon’s cameo as Ardon, and Dave Matthews as the “Inventor of the Ipod.”If you like Adam Sandler, despite all his let-downs, I still think this film is worth a viewing.Just don’t expect to be blown away.


Bonus Drinking Game

Take a Drink: anytime Maggie (Bailee Madison) speaks in an English accent.

Take a Drink: anytime you hear the name Devlin.

Take a Drink: anytime Danny (Adam Sandler) is cockblocked.

Take a Drink: whenever Palmer appears with a bikini top or sings Nsync songs

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