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After the events that took place in The Avengers, billionaire playboy and mechanical genius Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) has finally settled down as a slightly changed man with the love of his life Pepper Potts (Gwyneth Paltrow). Unfortunately for Tony, he is far from adjusting to the simple life, instead, staying up days at a time to work on his “hobbies” that include perfecting a militia of suits with the help of his voice-operated right hand man, Jarvis. While domestic life has promises of bliss, Tony is also beginning to suffer from panic attacks and nightmares that revolve around the battle that happened in New York. On top of that, there’s a new threat to America, The Mandarin (Sir Ben Kingsley), a homicidal terrorist with goals of dismantling America by killing the President and attacking cities with a new bomb technology not seen before. Tony quickly learns that the past is the worst kind of ghost that can haunt someone.


Will the real Iron Man please stand up? I repeat, will the real Iron Man please stand up.

 A Toast

Iron Man 3 is easily the best film of the franchise, for more reasons than one. Directed by Shane Black, who is also one half of the screenplay writing team, Iron Man 3 embodies a powerhouse trifecta that makes a great blockbuster film: action, emotion, and humor. Black’s directorial debut was the feverishly fast-paced, hilarious Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, a sleuth story with more twists and turns than the Stelvio Pass of Italy and a keen wit to match. Black is also responsible for one of the greatest buddy cop films in existence, Lethal Weapon. The same impudent wit featured in the aforementioned film is strongly present in Iron Man 3’s script from the first opening line to the last scene.

Much of that rambling wit is owed to Robert Downey Jr., who was born to play Tony Stark— or better yet Downey was born to play himself, which I assume just so happens to be in the same likeness of Tony Stark. An arrogant asshole with a sly comeback for every situation, Tony Stark wins as the cinematically coolest superhero in the Marvel universe despite his crippling insensitivity and ego. When Tony’s happenstance 8-year-old apprentice, Harland, reveals to him that his father left him when he was a toddler, Tony replies, “Dad’s leave, there’s no need to be a pussy about it.” You just can’t hate a guy with that much heart… it’s just not possible.


“Are you there God? It’s me, Tony… I’m so effing cold right now.”

Though Downey is the film’s incumbent highlight, he’s surrounded by a wonderful cast whose performances are equally impressive. Don Cheadle returns as Colonel Larry Rhodes, Iron Man’s lovable semi-sidekick, while Guy Pierce shines as Aldrich Killian, an evil former run-in of Tony. Even Gwyneth Paltrow does a great job of giving her sweet and dainty Pepper a bad-ass edge. But hats should go off to Sir Ben Kingsley for his wonderfully menacing, yet hilarious portrayal of The Mandarin.

Co-written with Drew Pearce, Iron Man 3 is funny, but has a sinister dark edge to it that sent shivers down my spine as I genuinely feared for the safety of the characters at the hands of the film’s brutal villains. Iron Man 3 roots itself in a reality that hits close to home as the villains are terrorists whose weapons of choice are semi “self-bombers” whose explosions can obliterate anyone and thing within a few mile radius. At times, scenes are constructed in ways that call to mind images of war, like flashes of newscasters rapidly discussing the terrorists’ activities and The Mandarin’s creepy video footage where he addresses the public intercut with scenes of him shooting AK-47’s similar to footage of Osama Bin Laden. Also in one scene when missiles fire on Tony’s home, I couldn’t help but think of  the real life footage of Apache helicopters firing on Iraqi citizens, making the threat of The Mandarin all the more real and uncomfortable.



Iron Man 3 is a fantastic ride with thrills and chills, and some deep belly laughs. It’s a perfect end to an entertaining franchise that leaves a cathartic feeling at the end. The world of technology explored within the film is mind-blowing, yet easy to comprehend, making for some interesting correlations between the interworkings of the brain with the outerworkings of the universe. My only complaints would be that at times the editing is a bit sluggish, which does a disservice to the choreographed combat scenes, and also the film tends to meander on at times. However, these are just minor hiccups that don’t take away from the overall fascinating and entertaining momentum of the film. The only way Iron Man 3 can be ruined is if they make a 4th one. Which is completely unnecessary, so you stop those damn rumors right now Hollywood! NOW!


Drinking Game

Take a Drink: every time a character dies but regenerates back to life.

Take a Drink: every time someone mentions what happened in New York.

Take a Drink: every time Tony has a panic attack.

Do a Shot: for every scene that references “Downton Abbey.”

Take a Drink: every time Happy reminds someone about their badge.

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  1. Great review, although I’d probably go Two Beers myself- it was a bit on the commercially safe side and I had to raise my eyebrows at stuff like fire-breathing. Still, a very enjoyable flick to hunker down with some popcorn with.

    • I firmly agree with you Zijerem. An enjoyable experience but yes, I to expected more. The fire breathing along with the constant regenerating and ofcourse Iron Mans suits that seemed to fall apart at the slight knock was perhaps an oversite. Id give it 2 beers also.

  2. Oberst Von Berauscht

    I’d agree with giving it a Toast. This is the first Marvel movie I’ve seen where I cannot point out any significant narrative flaws. And the Fire breathing made for a good jokey moment.

    • Perhaps, however, there were plenty of inconsistencies with regards to the suit. One min it was protecting him from a collapsing building the next it was falling to pieces with the slightest knock. Remember this was the same suit that protected him from Thor’s 50’000 degree lightening bolt now being tore to shreds by hand from people who can generate a heat of 3000 degrees (as stated in the movie) If these situations happened once of twice for the sake of comedy relief it would have been fine but it happened in countless scenes. Iron Man, not so Iron. More like Plastic Man. 😛

      My Review:

  3. Henry J. Fromage

    Nice point on the abuse the suit took in The Avengers vs this one- hadn’t thought of that.

  4. I’ve gotten into a lot of debates with friends about this movie. I know a good amount of folks who liked it, but not as much as the first and many others who flat out hated it. It’s been great! I’ve been debating should I in hindsight have given it 2 beers, but I truly had a great time watching Iron Man 3. Now, there are a lot of plot holes that are recently through conversations being brought to my attention and inconsistencies that I initially didn’t notice, but overall I was more impressed with this one than I remember being after seeing the first. I guess this was one of the first films I’ve enjoyed watching passively instead of critically. I love the debates though, keep them coming people!

  5. Great review. Iron man 3 was, for sure, lots of fun. I wasn’t happy about “you know what”, but I decided to let it go, because it worked for the movie aaaand because I like Guy Pearce. 🙂
    I was playing this game when I watched it the second time and I wasn’t THAT drunk. That could be my only complaint 🙂
    Awesome webpage. ^^

  6. Finally, I felt like I was watching an comic book film put into a world where anything can happen. Don’t believe me. Check out my review.

  7. I loved this movie, everything it should be..Loud, fun and actors having a blast xxx but its time to stop Iron Man films now before they ruin it.

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