Born Bad (2011)

Born Bad (2011)
Born Bad (2011) DVD / Blu-ray

By: Wonko the Sane (Four Beers) –

The Duncan family have moved into a new home, and daughter Brooke is struggling to fit into the surroundings.  She quarrels often with her father and stepmom, and has taken to sneaking out late at night to hang out with friends.  Here she meets Denny, who within their first 5 minutes together tells her he’s a rapist… a hint she fails to notice as she falls madly in love with him.

Am I the only one who wonders about Lifetime Television Network’s obsession with abusive relationship movies?  I mean, is there a network for these actors to go to for help?

Think of it as a battered protagonist shelter…

A Toast

As advertised, Born Bad contains second-string Twilight actor Michael Welch.  Speaking as somebody who has never, and will never, watch the Twilight films I can only speak to his performance in this film.  Born Bad’s strength lies in Welch’s psychopath killer Denny, who plays it up in the most satisfying of ways.  His performance is over the top, but not maudlin, and just creepy enough to make it workable for a date movie.  I can see Michael Welch having some kind of an acting career after the Twilight films are finished.

Unlike this soon to be irrelevant  chode

Beer Two

Denny is a common nickname for Dennis…  And yet in the film when the mother finds out her daughter’s boyfriend is really named Dennis she seems obsessed with it.  And what’ll they think when she comes home with Sergio Q. Childmolester?

My Friends just call me “Serge”

Beer Three

Born Bad was an entertaining film, but it also is completely unoriginal.  The genre of obsessive boy/girlfriend/killer films is crowded as hell, and in order to make any sort of lasting impression requires a novel approach.  And while Michael Welch’s performances was strong, it never reaches the stunningly frightening heights of such classics as Fatal Attraction, or Play Misty for Me.

Beer Four

*Spoilers* At the end of the film, Denny holds the entire Duncan family hostage, and calls for his two friends to come help him rob their house.  Through a series of comically stupid misadventures, they manage to get themselves all killed.  There is nothing in the earlier parts of the film that hint that Denny is a stupid person, and in fact is a bit of a prodigy (albeit a manipulative, sociopathic one).  When things start to go sour in his home invasion though, his decisions quickly approach the intelligence level of the villains from Home Alone.

I admit that I’m exaggerating a bit…


On the Strength of Michael Welch’s performance, I’d say go give it a look.

Bonus Drinking Game

Take a Drink: anytime Denny goes into mood swings

Body Counter (Take a shot): for every death

Bitchslap Counter (Take a drink): whenever Denny smacks someone in the face


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