The Imitation Game (2014)

Drinking Game

Take a Drink: every time Alan Turing has an awkward social interaction.

Take a Drink: every time Alan is threatened by one of his co-workers.

Take a Drink: every time “Christopher” is almost destroyed.

Do a Shot: for chemical castration!!!

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Movie Review

By: Frankie B. (A Toast) –

I am not going to lie, the only thing I knew about this movie going into it was that Benedict Cumberbatch was in it. Being a huge fan of the BBC series, Sherlock, that is what sold me on seeing this movie. Other than that, I knew jack shit. I heard that it was one of the buzziest movies of award season, but it could have been about a con man for all I knew (Imitation Game, get it). This was a bad year to swear off movie trailers. In the future I may want to watch more, so I know what the hell I am walking into.

The asshole version of Alan Turing,
The asshole version of Alan Turing,

The Imitation Game follows the life and times of Alan Turing (Benedict Cumberbatch). The film spans the key periods of Turing’s life, his unhappy teenage years at boarding school, the triumph of his secret wartime work on the revolutionary electro-mechanical bombe that was capable of breaking 3,000 Enigma-generated naval codes a day, and the tragedy of his post-war decline. It is a pretty standard layout for a biopic, thankfully elevated by the masterful performance from Cumberbatch.

A Toast

Everyone checked this out to see Benedict Cumberbatch, right? He carries this movie the entire time, and he does it in magnificent fashion. The movie as a whole serves as a giant display of his acting ability and is essentially a sizzle reel for the Academy to get boners over. He has awkwardly funny moments, intense confrontations, and heartbreaking dramatic scenes. There are no real flaws to point out in his performance at all. He gives the best overall performance of the year, at least in my opinion.

This movie could have definitely used a dragon in it.
This movie could have definitely used a dragon in it.

The rest of the cast is solid with Keira Knightley and Matthew Goode standing out amongst the crowd. Knightley is pretty solid in everything that she shows up in, so her performance was pretty par for the course. Goode was the surprise in this movie, considering I’ve only seen him give maybe two good performances in the past (Stoker and The Lookout). He is solid in playing the role of a sort of antagonist throughout most of the movie. Mark Strong and Charles Dance pop up periodically throughout the course of the movie to chew some scenery and provide some much-needed laughs along the way.

The future version of "Christopher".
The future version of “Christopher”.


This is probably the most solid drama of the year and is tailor-made for awards season. Benedict Cumberbatch’s performance is worth the price of admission. You may also learn some things about World War II that you didn’t know before. This movie will certainly be in 99% of this year’s Top Ten lists.


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