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Hop (2011)
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By: Oberst von Berauscht (Six Pack) –

I was transported today.It wasn’t something I expected to happen at a PG rated movie marketed to children… but then, few things are as expected in this world.Today I watched a film that enters the mind of Fred O’Hare (James Marsden), a man troubled with mental illness.

His upper middle-class upbringing provided him many opportunities of which he could never take advantage, due in a large part to his rapidly deteriorating mental health.From a young age, he was beset by visions of furry mammals delivering candy on the Holiest of Sabbaths. His family never quite understood his illness, interpreting his inability to function in society as lack of motivation, and his delusions as the product of overactive imagination.

I suppose it worked for Jimmy Stewart…

In a final blow to his system, his parents throw him out of the house, leaving Fred alone, removed from the reality he’s known, he sinks deeper and deeper into madness…

A Toast

Hop is not so much a children’s comedy as an exploration of schizophrenia, and borderline personality disorder.And this is brilliantly reproduced.Rarely before have I seen a film that immersed you so much, at times I felt myself sharing the main character’s experiences…

I liked Fred’s hallucinations better though…

Beer Two

“Are these supposed to be jokes?” the child behind me asked his mother repeatedly as the film continued on.“No,” I said “don’t you see?The dialog isn’t supposed to be funny!It is supposed to be awkward and full of strange pauses, to represent Fred’s disassociation with normal human social mores.It’s actually quite brilliant” I concluded proudly, and punched the youth’s mother in the face for allowing her child to talk in the theatre.

Beer Three

Bolstering the film is the impeccable voice talent of Russell Brand, who plays the Rabbit E.B., Fred’s constant tormentor.It is easy to see how someone could create this character out of desperation, for E.B. represents the Id, fulfilling every dream, pleasure and impulse that Fred’s Ego denies. Lacking any balance, or superego, a rift is created in Fred that allows for spectacular phantasms and brilliant apparitions, in his mind appearing real.

The waitress never said a word about this because the Bunny isn’t real… Can’t you see Fred… Fred?

Beer Four

Finally realizing that his grip on reality is loosening, Fred throws himself into activity, through physical, and mental disciplines, he hopes to defeat his affliction.Sadly, by this time, he is too far gone to notice his mistake.

Beer Five

And so it continues, until he becomes completely lost in his own world.One that previously existed mostly in daydreams and nightmares comes to life…At this point, I started to have an eerie sensation, like my own life experience was melding with that of the movie.In a panic, I stepped out of the theatre, to be greeted with visions of my own… set to the tune of “One More Red Nightmare” by King Crimson.

I mustnot fear.Fearis the mind-killer.Fearis the little-death that brings total obliteration.”

Beer Six



Oberst von Berauscht could not complete the verdict for this review… he was last seen lying on the floor in a corner of his bedroom sobbing uncontrollably.

Bonus Drinking Game

Take a Drink: when a joke is met with dead silence

Down a Shot: every time the character “Carlos” is on screen… Trust me

Take a Drink: for all those times they laughed at you… who’s laughing now?Huh?


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