Hall Pass (2011)

Hall Pass (2011)
Hall Pass (2011) DVD / Blu-ray

By: Julio De Francisco (Three Beers) –

Rick (Owen Wilson) is married with children to Maggie (Jenna Fischer).However, his wife notices he’s still checking out other women.So she decides to give him a Hall Pass, a one week pass of infidelity to cure him of his desires. Along with his friend, Fred (Jason Sudeikus), who gets a Hall Pass from his wife Grace (Christina Applegate), they try to make the most of their week and get some fresh poon

A Toast

My toast goes to Brent (Derek Waters).In Hall Pass, Brent plays a barista who works with Leigh (Nicky Whelan), a gorgeous Aussie with a sexy accent and body.Brent notices when Rick and Fred are checking her out, like a jealous boyfriend, and stares them down. Later in the film Brent is DJing at a hip club and gets upset when Leigh leaves with Rick.Brent tracks them down and for me really stole whole movie.Honorable mention: the “did not see it coming” shit scene.

Keep an eye on this guy…

Beer Two

The obvious token black character in this film warranted this next beer.J.B. Smoove plays Flats, a married friend who speaks street but is as naïve about where the guys should go use their Hall Pass.When he suggests Chili’s I cringed.On the other hand, as token as he was, there was chemistry in the scenes and I kind of liked him.In this film I’d say he’s a hybrid of Wayne Brady and Dave Chappelle.Side note, there was a collection of accents in this film.Nicky Whelan is Australian, Stephen Merchant is English, and Joy Behar is annoying.

Who dis muthafucka calling token!?

Beer Three

There were a couple of scenes that balanced funny and shock at the same time and a beer for these would make them better.The scenes in question involve Rick passing out in a hot tub and being pulled out by two men who were in the sauna.The men came running out naked, one is black and the other is white.The dick size shock joke didn’t have people laughing, just cringing.The black man’s dick flaccid (perhaps erect?) penis is aimed right at Rick’s head.He asks if the gentleman would switch places with the white guy – camera pans on pinky length pencil-thin dick.

We get it Mace Windu, yours is purple and longer than anyone else’s.


If you are a fan of Farrelly Brothers flicks, then I encourage you to watch this movie.While the movie starts kind of weak and rollercoaster’s from good scenes to bad, in the end it’s worth a view. Kick back a few brewskies and enjoy the movie.

Bonus Drinking Game

Take a Drink: anytime “Hall Pass” is uttered

Take a Drink: anytime Rick (Owen Wilson) and Fred (Jason Sudekis) are sharing a scene.

Take a Drink: anytime Fred mentions or is in the act of doing ‘Fakechow’

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