The Guilt Trip (2012)

The Guilt Trip (2012)
The Guilt Trip (2012) DVD / Blu-ray

By: Bill Arceneaux (Five Beers) –

Directly from’s trivia section for “The Guilt Trip”:

The Paramount marketing department were so certain that Barbra Streisand would gain a Golden Globe nomination for her performance, that not only did they put out an ad congratulating her victory, but posted it online moments before the nominations were announced, only to be swiftly pulled when Streisand ended up without the nod.

And now, directly from me:

Someone was pulling Paramount’s strings, and their initials are B.S.

Seth Rogen unfortunately stars in a movie that doesn’t really fit him whatsoever. He plays a scientist that goes on a road trip across the USA to pitch his cleaning product to major companies. *Yawn* Excuse me, as I am writing this post nap. At the beginning of his trek, he discovers a secret about his overly caring mother Barbra Streisand and, in an effort to maintain a plot, invites her along.

If I hadn’t cut my own hair short the other day, I would’ve pulled it out during the remaining running time.

A Toast


Seth Rogen is, in my opinion, always funny. Always. Something about his sarcastic off the cuff type responses that really tickles my fancy (that’s right). Maybe it’s because I’m a sarcastic asshole at times as well…

…add that to a mother & son flick, and you’ve got some potential, especially if you’re giving zingers to Barbra Freaking Streisand. I may be about to rip on this movie, but there are a few moments of well scripted conflict and emotion, and B.S. (yep, I was talking about her) pulls those moments off pretty well.

Beers Two, Three, Four and Five

This chug is all about Barbra. Oh boy did she piss me off. Now, it wasn’t her acting, as I thought she did ok – it was H E R. I got this feeling in my gut that this was some kind of vanity project. Basically, it’s 90 minutes of Streisand telling me how great she is. Not convinced? Take this into consideration:

  1. The redundant money shots of her being emotional, yet strong. Just begging for an award.
  2. The way she managed to overpower Mr. Rogen in every scene they were in! He basically plays the straight man, but as a support and not really as a partner (despite his name being on the poster). Sure, he’s “important” to the story, but only as a catalyst for bringing “her” along.
  3. The suspiciously mediocre/familiar/dull story, designed to let her shine whenever possible.
  4. The almost awards campaign that the studio attempted for B.S. THEY really thought she’d get a nomination? Maybe SHE did…


Then there was the banter. The constant, annoying banter between the two leads. Sure, there are some ok moments, but it doesn’t make up for the awful repetitions and fake genuineness. Seth tries, but it’s hard having chemistry with a black hole.

Katherine Heigl Pet Population Crisis Press Conference

So… why no Sixth beer? Because at least it’s not a Katherine Heigl vehicle.


awful movie, 5 Beer Movie, Movie Boozer, 5 Beers, Cheers

A shaky premise being held on the shoulders of a dominate diva in a movie with maybe one good moment. I say no. There was a trailer beforehand for a DeNiro/Keaton movie that looked as insufferable, so I guess there is no end in sight.


Drinking Game

Take a Drink: when you realize you’ve been grinding your teeth in frustration, and it’s only been 20 minutes.

Take a Drink: for the Adam Scott appearance. Was he bored the weekend his scene was shot and figured “Why not”?

Do a Shot: if you hugged your mother afterwards – she understands you didn’t mean to watch the movie without her.

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  1. I did’t have the utter content for Babs like you did but I was in contempt for the utter lack of comedy produced. The only laugh I had was at the end credit riff off. Never a good sign when the best joke is in your end credits. Great review!

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