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GippiposterBy: Aparnna Hajirnis (Four Beers) –

Gurpreet Kaur, a.k.a Gippi (Riya Vij), is an overweight and underachieving teenager who lives with her mother Pappi (Divya Dutta ) and her brother BooBoo. She is awkward and definitely not popular as she doesn’t know how to deal with the changes brought about by adolescence and puberty. To top it all her father (Pankaj Dheer)  is set to marry a much younger white woman. She falls in love with a much older guy who publicly denies having any feelings for her and this invites the wrath of queen bee Shamira. Shamira challenges her to win the Headgirl competition along with her. What follows next is an attempt to handle teenage issues with sensitivity, but the movie blows up in your face with a mediocre climax.


Yes, people, I can be the Head-Girl too.

A Toast

For the first time probably you would hear kids on the Bollywood silver screen utter the words “horny” or “periods”  or  “Sanitary napkins.” For the first time an attempt has been made to acknowledge teenage woes and address them directly instead of metaphorically.  The camaraderie between Gippi and her geeky nerdy friends is shown very tenderly, but the the characters are haven’t been given the air they needed to grow.

Beer Two

Director Karan Johar has left no stones unturned in trying to make yet another stereotypical film. This film seems like a combination of Hollywood films.  The characters are stereotypical and 5 minutes into the movie and you could predict the climax. The movie has the stereotypical obese underdog who would fall in love with a handsome good looking boy who would turn her down. Also, of course she would be pitted up against a mean queen bee. She would then undergo a makeover and win over the mean girl’s boy.


Bring it on, Matey

Phew! That plot sounds like any other Hollywood coming of age film or a teen romance film, except there the characters are very developed. Karan Johar just cant make a film wherein there isn’t a stereotypical gay who loves pink shades. The teachers in this film have blink and miss it roles. The relationship between the protagonist’s father and her is shown as very secondary and so is the relation with her mother. The movie lacks the emotional factor it should have. Instead what you have is a dry piece of story heard of and seen before.

Beer Three

The direction by Sonam Nair is decent considering this was her debut film and the screenplay is very mediocre. The actor Taaha Shah looks prettier than the actresses and looks as misplaced as a straight girl in a gay bar. (Pun Intended).

Beer Four

Vishal -Shekhar being the ace music director duo, have probably given some of the most juvenile tracks in the film. The songs do not go well with the theme of the movie. The choreography is, well, non-existent. There’s just one peppy song in the entire film: “Pehn Di Takki”.



The movie’s undertone is picked up from a bunch of Hollywood films. The characters are not very well developed and there is no depth portrayed in the relationships in the film. The film is very superficial and is filled with clichés and stereotypical characters. We say give this movie a miss or wait for it to be shown on cable television.

gippi poster

Drinking Game

Take a Drink: when Gippi says “tumhare wapas aa gaye” ( You got your period again.)

Take a Drink: when Gippi says “Mere to abhi tak samose jaise hi hai” ( Mine (breasts) are like samosas.)

Take a Drink: when an random lady says “ Iske haath paer pe baal to dekho. Pappi iska waxing karva le. (Look at the hair on her hands and legs. Pappi, you should take her for waxing.)

Take a Drink: when Booboo and Gippi have a fight “ Tum potty se nahate ho, tum to ulti se nahate ho, tum nahati bhi ho kya? ( You bathe in potty, you bathe in vomit, do you bathe also?)

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  1. Sounds like an interesting drinking game, if not so much for the movie!

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