Fun Size (2012)

Fun Size (2012)
Fun Size (2012) DVD / Blu-ray

By: livingdeadguy (Three Beers) –

Fun Size is one of the movies that makes a 25 year old gore hound like me enjoy kids movies.

The movie is about Wren (Victoria Justice) tracking down her kid brother on Halloween night.  Her best friend is tugging on her all night to forget about him and go to the party with the hot guy.  The nerd with a crush on Wren is as awkward as you’d expect and tries to help her in her search in every way possible.  Kid brother runs into a gas station and is taken on an adventure by the attendant.  And three Disney characters make cameos in a Nickelodeon movie.

A Toast

The movie had some laughs and decent references.  The trailer I know has the chicken humping the car and that is among the high points.  Another factor that deserves Toast mention is the underlying message to not only the intended audience, but to a broader one.  1.  Responsibility (on Halloween) and 2.  A family trying to return together and move on from tragedy.

Remember kids: always use protection

Two Beers

Chelsea Handler was severely mishandled.  It’s not that the role was wrong per say, but given a horribly short amount of screen time.

Yes, Chelsea Handler is in a school girl outfit and I still say she was mishandled.

Three Beers

Okay, I know I had laughs in the Toast, and granted there were some.  But they also tried many more times and did not hit the mark.  Mainly in the poor taste/bathroom humor arena-simply Nickelodeon trying to appease everyone possible.


I liked this movie a surprising amount.  It had enough laughs, surprises, people named Fuzzy, and a solid message that I appreciated seeing.


Drinking Game

Take a Drink: every something inappropriate for the intended kid audience happens.

Do a shot: every time the kid brother does something no eight year old should do.

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