Four Lions (2010)

Four Lions (2010)
Four Lions (2010) DVD / Blu-ray

By: Henry J. Fromage (Two Beers) –

There are some subjects that even comedy hasn’t really got around to spoofing.  Sure, taboos like incest, abortion, and rape get used for shock value on stage, but it’s pretty rare to see a feature deal with them.  Rarer yet is the big pushbutton of the moment, terrorism.

Nothing Uwe Boll does counts.  Ever.

Four Lions fills that void, bringing us the story of five British-Pakistani terrorists planning their big suicide bombing.  They’re idiots (although in this movie, basically everyone is) but they’re also humanized, which is probably too much for some viewers.

A Toast

This movie is seriously funny if you’re at all down with the British humor.  It’s reminiscent of Ricky Gervais or Ali G at times but reminded me more than anything of the quick, irreverent dialogue of another recent British import, In the Loop.  Turns out both movies have a writer in common.

Seriously, check it out

This crew goes from accidentally derailing a terrorist training camp in Pakistan to trying to incite a Muslim revolution by blowing up a mosque and blaming it on Christians but still recording a video claiming responsibility.  The climax is an attempt to suicide bomb the London marathon.

In costume

Beer Two

I do have to prescribe a drink to the role of the main character’s wife and son.  Their happy family seems to be in no way affected by the fact that Dad is going to strap himself to a bomb, even though they both clearly know it’s going to happen.  The wife in particular is used to show a liberated Muslim woman, especially when she takes on her husband’s cleric brother with a water gun, but she never helps, hinders, or even bats an eyelash at her husband’s plans.  Outside of one gag, it’s hard to justify their existence at all.

Kinda like male nipples.  The mustache, though… essential.


It’s really tough to pick too many bones.  FourLions has plenty of humor, and it’s just like I like my coffee, black and gritty.


Bonus Drinking Game

Take a drink: every time someone says “bomb”

Take a drink: every time something blows up

Take a drink: every time someone says “mosque”

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