Family Guy: It’s A Trap (2010)

Family Guy: It’s A Trap (2010)
Family Guy: It’s A Trap (2010) DVD / Blu-ray

By: Shaun Wren (Three Beers) –


A Toast

This feature-length episode has its funny moments and with the first two episodes using all the characters from Quahog, the introduction of American Dad and The Cleveland Show characters is refreshing.

One scene that stands out for me is when Han forces the imperial troopers to do some very dark things to balance the “cutesiness” of the Jedi movie.

There is also a great nod to Fresh Prince of Bel Air as well.


Two Beers

I FUCKING HATE EWOKS. For some girls, I get it; they remind you of your teddy bear, but for normal people, I thought of hairy midgets defeating an army with rocks is… well, it wouldn’t happen.

Once you see Tim the Bear and that quote from Han you kind of get it but there were other things that made this episode kind of flat.

After praising the writers and creators I feel slightly sorry for them as they did all three movies in three years.

Beer Three

The use of It’s A Trap is a double meaning as this episode is a trap and from the title crawl you get a sense of what you will be watching.

This was a focused, rushed, and quite frankly a shit-ass job as this was aired six months after Something, Something and I think this episode would work better if it was aired two years after instead.

It also lost the spark that made Blue Harvest so funny and different from what was out there.




Look, I wouldn’t say I hated the final instalment, but it comes down to ballsiness.  Compared to the first two episodes, it’s more of a dog that has lost its testes, which made me sad as you know that they can do some outrageous things.


Drinking Game

Add Blue Harvest and Something, Something Drinking Games.

Take a Drink: when you recognise someone from American Dad and The Cleveland Show.

Do a Shot: when “It’s A Trap” is shouted.

Take a Drink: when you can name a Star Wars character.


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