Family Guy: Blue Harvest (2007)

Family Guy: Blue Harvest (2007)
Family Guy: Blue Harvest (2007) DVD / Blu-ray

By: Shaun Wren (A Toast) –

You would never have thought that the biggest movie franchise ever could be made into a comedy but back in 2007 Family Guy creator and huge Star Wars fan Seth MacFarlane did just that after many episodes featuring the sci-fi classic. The creators and writers decided to make feature length episode, as the Griffins have a blackout and with nothing to do Peter tells the story of Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope.

A Toast

This is possibly the funniest cartoon I have ever seen and it’s down to the writers as they were able to mix the Star Wars galaxy with the spirit of Quahog and this scene proves it:

Lois (Princess Leia): Governor Tarkin. I recognized your foul stench as soon as I was brought onboard.

Stewie (Darth Vader): Um, actually that’s me. I made a Darth Doody. I sithed my pants. My diaper’s gone over to the darkside. I got pages of these, I could go on.

And if you have seen this episode then you know it’s along these lines, but it’s more about the little things that you hear like the elevator music and the cantina band and the use of other pop culture.


This was a huge risk as they had two sets of fans to pleases, but as well as that they may have given the franchise A New Hope as fans of Family Guy may not be fans of Star Wars (LOSERS) and may think it’s boring and long, well these people are PLEBS because I’ve seen The Big Country and it’s long and boring.

I do only have one little problem, and that is I can never watch Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope in the same way as I remember too much from this 48 minute episode.



Only Family Guy could make this episode and by doing so make people fall in love with a galaxy far far away again, or for the first time, and it is a great way to introduce the best movie trilogy ever made.

They did kind of shoot themselves in the foot by calling the episode Blue Harvest as Fox then commissioned the episodes for Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi.


Drinking Game

Take a Drink: when you can name the Family Guy character.

Do a Shot: if you fail.

Take a Drink: when the original script is used.

Do a Shot: if you don’t know what Blue Harvest means.

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