Extract (2009)

Extract (2009)
Extract (2009) DVD / Blu-ray

By: livingdeadguy (Three Beers) –

I got this movie a while ago.  It’s a big part of the Jason Batemen resurgence and the ascension of Mila Kunis and being that I enjoy both, I wanted to see it.  Well, I finally did.  Now going into it, I had an idea that it was a sort of work place comedy, but until you watch it you’ll be wondering “where the hell do they get the name ‘Extract’ from?”

What we have is Joel (Batemen) who has created his own flavor extract company from the ground up and thinks that it might be time to sell.  His second in command (the ever awesome JK Simmons) pushes hard for this mainly on the idea that he hasn’t learned anyone’s names and now he won’t have to if they sell!  What’s strange is that this is a comedic ensemble doing a work place comedy movie, but at its core, the movie is a marriage drama between Jason Batemen and Kristen Wiig of all people.

A Toast

To the cast.  You know everyone, be it by name or just facial recognition, you know them.  I personally love that in any movie, just being able to pick out all the actors-it gives you confidence in the movie and also an idea of the type of movie to expect.

JK Simmons, just lending some gravitas

Two Beers

To how Mila Kunis’s character is handled.  The movie is built around her, and just as quickly she is used and put aside for the marriage drama portion.  It just didn’t make sense to me in the end. Also, I will have to warn you that Mila Kunis is not funny in this movie.  She’s not Black Swan in it, but she isn’t Forgetting Sarah Marshall either.

Three Beers

For the glorified cameos of Ben Affleck and David Koechner.  Personally, I’d like to know how Affleck got brought into this.  Something like Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back or Clerks 2, of course (buddies with Kevin Smith), but this?  Really?  I mean I will always enjoy seeing actors on his level kind of drop down a few levels to do movies like this because I think they enjoy doing it (maybe because they don’t have the pressure of being in an Oscar caliber movie) and it’s a treat to the audience, but Affleck’s cameo was definitely on the strange side.

Gaze upon this.  I dare you. 


It’s a fun movie that is simple and delivers for the most part.  When you take it apart like I just did, it sounds less enjoyable than it is.  But that may be because there were about 15 minutes worth of marriage drama in it and everything else was somehow related to the work place comedy portion.  It couldn’t really decide what kind of movie it was.


Bonus Drinking Game

Take a Drink: for Brad going 15 times!

Take a Drink: every time you wish Koechner had a bigger, better, funnier part.

Drink a Shot: for not knowing which pill you just took.

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