Eurotrip (2004)

Eurotrip (2004)
Eurotrip (2004) DVD / Blu-Ray

By: livingdeadguy (Three Beers) –

*Sigh* a film about high schoolers starring non-high schoolers.  But to be fair, that tends to be the case.  EuroTrip is a very simple movie that most will probably find stupid.  Thankfully, I have a tolerance for and do enjoy stupid about as much as I do a movie on an Inception level.  Plenty of other people can probably pick apart this movie, but I happened to enjoy it.

EuroTrip revolves around four friends who end up taking a vacation to Europe after they graduate high school.  Now, they cross the pond in pairs for different reasons, but wouldn’t you know it, they find themselves traveling together-working towards one common goal mind you….somehow-trying to find the German girl that Scotty has been emailing for months.  That’s not an appearance with Chris Hansen or waking up in a bath of ice with a scar where your kidney used to be at all.  Like I said, this a fun movie that has no real point; I put it in the same category as Balls of Fury.

A Toast

One beer alone goes to all the cameos.  Mind you, with a core cast of four people, a recognizable face counts as a cameo.  Notable ones include: Matt Damon, Kristen Kreuk (arguable considering her role, but her screen time may be two minutes), George Bluth Sr. himself Jeffrey Tambor, Lucy Lawless, Diedrich Bader, Fred Armisen, Steve Hynter (the guy from that thing, you know!  Gah, I can’t think of it!), David Hasselhoff, and last but certainly not least, Vinnie Jones.

I have “Scotty Doesn’t Know” on my iPod.  Go ahead and judge.

Beer Two

Despite what I’ve said already in this review, I have to give a beer to the believability factor as it doesn’t even try.  Although, kudos to them for actually making the Swiss Army the Vatican guards.  Bravo.  From being picked by a crazy German truck driver to getting into the Vatican to freaking Cooper keeping his job, it really seems like lazy writing to a degree that does not help an already weak-to-most film.

Sweet new duds, clubbing for the night, AND a being treated like royalty at the hotel…all for $1.87 America. Gotta love that exchange rate!

Beer Three

Beer three goes to the producers of this and Road Trip.  Same group of people…who gave us the same two movies set in two different places….but, with a different case.  So it’s all good.


I know I kind of lean both ways in this review, but it’s nothing more than a fun movie that requires you to do no thinking and just go with it.  Look at the bright side, at least there was no sequel (knock on wood).  It’s only a good movie if you need something simple, and if nothing else, I think the cameos will make you smile.  Here is a Vinnie Jones screen cap to make you do just that:

I suggest you start liking Man U right about now….

Bonus Drinking Game

Take a drink: every time Frommer’s is mentioned

Take a shot: every time you see boobs

Take a shot: for every cameo


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