Eraserhead (1977)

Eraserhead (1977)
Eraserhead (1977) DVD/Blu-Ray

By: Ahmed Almatrook (Two Beers) –

Eraserhead, released on March 19, 1977, was a black and white horror movie directed and produced by David Lynch. The story is that of a man named Henry Spencer (Jack Nance) who has to take care of his severely deformed baby after his wife left him. Although there were a lot of financial issues, the movie was eventually released and became a cult classic and a popular midnight movie.  This movie is actually pretty cool, but it certainly has those moments where you suddenly get the urge to turn off the DVD player.

Watching this movie is like living in a nightmare, a nightmare that never ends. I always had this idea in my head that the film was set on another planet for some reason. It’s one of those movies that not everyone will have mutual feelings about; some will feel depressed, and some will feel disgusted, and others will fall in love with it.

A Toast

The first time I watched this movie, I was really disgusted and thought that it was horrible, but I watched it again and all of that changed. I realized that what I was watching was a movie that is masterpiece! The special effects were actually not bad for a movie that had funding difficulties. The thing is, Eraserhead is not just another horror movie, it is a movie with a meaning; a meaning that people who look into the obvious won’t find out, a meaning meant only for people who think outside the box.

Pretty, isn't she?
Pretty, isn’t she?

Jack Nance did an remarkable job as Henry Spencer. He doesn’t really talk much, but when he does, its like something big just happened (at least that’s how I felt). He expresses his feelings via his various  facial expressions and body language.  Some of the scenes of this movie are just plain weird, like when the chicken started moving and gushing blood and Mrs. X has a sudden seizure at the dinner table.

The music plays a big role and it certainly contributes to the dream-like atmosphere that Dave Lynch has created. The cinematography is just fantastic in the movie. There were moments where I actually got chills all over my body. I also respected the fact that you can’t put a time period as to when the movie was set… you can never guess.

The baby, oh god, the baby! I loved how he laughed at Spencer when he (Spencer) finds out that the Beautiful Girl Across The Hall (Lynch doesn’t even give her a name! call her Sarah or something.) began to get other men into her apartment, which meant that Spencer couldn’t have an affair with her.

This man is legendary!
“oh shit, my baby is ugly!”

Beer Two    

I was a bit skeptical about this but I decided that I had to add another beer. It was something that bugged me throughout the movie. How could a perfectly normal man and woman have such a severely deformed human baby?! I’m not sure that thing is even human! It’s like an alien and a human got all excited in bed and produced a baby version of E.T.!

Baby ET?
Baby E.T.?



This movie is fantastic. It is certainly a once in a lifetime experience that you will either love or hate, but I really do encourage everyone to watch Eraserhead. It certainly is a movie that doesn’t entertain or amuse; it is a movie that is very enthralling, forceful, and unsettling. It is a pure horror film and it is guaranteed to give you an experience that you don’t get with many movies nowadays.


Drinking Game

Take a Drink: if the Lady in the Radiator freaked you out the first time you saw her.

Take a Drink: if you got annoyed by the baby’s constant crying.

Take a Drink: when Mr. X just smiles at Henry at the dinner table.

Take a Drink: when Mrs.X tries to make out with Spencer.

Take a Drink: every time someone looks like they are getting a seizure.

Take a Drink: for every close up shot of the Radiator.

Take a Drink: when the baby laughs at Spencer.

Take a Drink: whenever you see Spencer’s body but with the baby’s head instead of his.

Take a Drink: if you thought Spencer’s haircut was actually pretty awesome.

Take a Drink (and high-five yourself): if you figure out the meaning of the movie.

Do a Shot: whenever you get chills all over your body.

Do a Shot: every time that spermatozoon looking thingy appears in the movie.

Do a Shot: every time you see the Man on the Planet.

Do a Shot: whenever Spencer talks.


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  1. RE: Beer Two – the abnormal baby from normal people was the point; a physical manifestation of the internal fear of becoming a parent.

  2. Ahmed J. Almatrook

    CURSES!! How did I miss that! Thanks for the interpretation, though 😀

  3. You see, that’s why I specifically stated that I was skeptical ab

  4. About adding another beer because I was merely complaining about it from a logical point of view rather than complaining about the whole meaning golf the concept

  5. As a concept***** stupid iPhone autocorrect, my apologies.

  6. no problem. the whole movie is up for discussion. I would argue that even the logic of the movie explains the baby, with the conversation the mother has about it being premature, and the girlfriend questioning it as being something else.

    with David Lynch movies, things may happen in a literal way within the context of the film, but they mean something different to the audience. kinda like a painting.

  7. the film is well

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