Even Dwarfs started Small (1970)

Even Dwarfs started Small (1970)
Even Dwarfs started Small (1970) DVD / Blu-ray

By: Oberst Von Berauscht (Three Beers) –

Filmmaker Werner Herzog has had one of the most eclectic and eccentric film careers of any director.  In a career spanning 40+ year he has been shot, stabbed, and strangled by his cast and crew.  He’s filmed the burning oil fields of Kuwait, and turned it into a science fiction movie.  He towed a ship over a mountain, danced with chickens, journeyed to the Antarctic, and directed Klaus Kinski in five movies.

Kinski incidentally, was the one doing the strangling…

Compared to these daunting achievements, Even Dwarfs Started Small seems like a minor note.  Although what is lacks in substance it makes up for in batshit insanity.  The story follows a group of asylum inmates who rebel against their caretakers they perceive as despotic and wreak havoc.

A Toast

If the synopsis seems short, perhaps that was the idea.  As the film is one of only two known to exist with a cast consisting entirely of  little people.  With that said, I present a 3 foot tall German midget laughing at a camel…

If you don’t think this isn’t the most awesome thing you’ve ever seen, you probably should stop reading now.

Beer Two

If the African music in the background didn’t give it away, this movie is clearly the work of warped genius.  That doesn’t mean the film is entirely successful.  At times it can be overly indulgent, and unnecessarily oblique.  But since Herzog is in fact a Genius, these are the kind of failures which require genius to create.  So if you are feeling up for a film which features random cock fighting, food fights, and a crucified monkey, you’ll overlook the excesses.

Beer Three

If you are the sort of person who thrives on random humor, you will undoubtedly appreciate this movie more.  But taking a deeper look at the film reveals a deeper meaning that reigns in the chaos.  Hidden in the rather simplistic plot of the film is some biting commentary.  When the inmates take over the asylum, they indulge in the spoils of their victory, only to quickly turn on each other.  Soon enough they end up destroying much of their food and other resources.  Herzog’s film is in fact pointing out the consequences of rash action without a plan.

Yeah, this joke pretty much wrote itself.


Worth a watch for the acres of craziness, certainly deeper than a single viewing might discern, but ultimately one of Herzog’s lesser efforts.

Drinking Game

Take a Drink: whenever you feel confused.

Take a Drink: when stuff gets broken.

Drink a Shotwhenever Hombré laughs.

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