Deathwatch (2002)

Deathwatch (2002)
Deathwatch (2002) DVD / Blu-ray

By: Oberst Von Berauscht (Three Beers) –

A group of British soldiers get lost behind lines in the trenches of WWI-France.  Faced with the danger of German attack, artillery fire, and poison gas, they are under orders to hold their position.  As if this isn’t enough tension for the embattled unit, an unseen force is killing them off one by one.  Is there a supernatural explanation?  (Come on now, you saw this in the horror section for a reason, didn’t you?)

A Toast

Often the best horror films come from taking an already established scenario and placing it in an unique and interesting location.

Above: not one of those examples

Deathwatch manages to seamlessly combine the tropes of a war film with that of a monster movie.  As usual, humanity provides the real danger, as the characters that populate this film vary wildly in moral fiber and fortitude.  The performances are solid, and the cinematography helps to build a truly disturbing experience.

Beer Two

The primary downside is that the story is a bit predictable, anybody who has seen a fair share of horror movies will have the ending pegged within the first 20 minutes.  With that said, the film’s other aspects keep things interesting, you may know the ending, but it can still be fun to watch just to see how the characters interact, and who bites the dust.

Hint: It’s the black guy…

Beer Three

The vast majority of the effects-shots are practical, but there are just a few moments where CGI is used, and it unfortunately looks very cheap.  They could have easily dispensed with these shots in favor of more creative choices, as this serves only to break the feeling of dread the rest of the movie so brilliantly creates.


An excellent rental. (And it’s on Netflix streaming by the way)


Bonus Drinking Game

Take a Drink: (Bodycount Edition) have a drink with each character death.

Take a Drink: when you see a dead body (bonus if it isn’t quite dead)

Drink a Shot: when you think you’ve got it figured out, make it a double if you’re right.

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