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Death Wish is a reimaging of the exploitation films from the 70’s/80’s with Charles Bronson. Now it’s Bruce Willis as a trauma surgeon whose wife and daughter are brutally attacked, with his wife being murdered. His daughter survives but is in a coma. Now it’s up to Bruce to find the men who killed his wife and murder them because the Police have no leads. Not only does he go after the people who wronged him, but he takes justice into his own hands on the streets of Chicago.

A Toast

The main thing that I took away from the film and really like was showing how much the media and the talking heads on the radio and TV sensationalize the violence that happens in real life. Anytime a murder happens the media looks for a way to give the killer a nickname and dig up every little thing about their life. They talk about if it’s a good thing that this man is taking the law into his own hands, which couldn’t be more-timely.

Also, Eli Roth is shown to be more than a capable director when he is given a larger budget. He had a way of showing the actors exactly what he was wanting out of them, all except Bruce Willis. His signature violence is front and center in some of the scenes of Bruce’s vengeance tour; however, the violence was dialed way down for a Roth movie and what I was expecting.

I wish he would’ve wrote it as well.

Beer Two

This movie could’ve been a lot more fun. It tried to be too serious, which has worked for Roth in the past (the Hostels, Aftershock, and Knock Knock) however, with this film it doesn’t work. The gore is minimal, and the writing is over the top (terrible jokes).  This combination would work in a B style film like Death Proof.  In Death Proof everything is over the top and the writing is cheesy, but it’s a blast.  This film is not as fun- it’s not awful, but it could’ve been a much more fun ride.

This is what fun looks like.

Beer Three

A big part of this is the writing. It’s not only cheesy, but it’s lazy. Really, only two detectives in the entire Chicago P.D.? The same two detectives are investigating every murder, which is highly unlikely. They could’ve commented on how police departments need to communicate better and had multiple detectives holding clues and come together in the end.

Also, there were so many of the worst jokes in this film- this could still be dumb but forgivable in a B film, but not in this.  Here it’s annoying. There was foreshadowing, but they were foreshadowing about 5 minutes ahead. Most of the film felt lazy.

Beer Four

Speaking of lazy, I think Bruce Willis was asleep when he was giving most of his lines. He really seemed to be just getting a paycheck and was not having any fun in the film. Which would probably explain why it’s not that fun. I don’t know why he decided to take the role if he wasn’t going to act. Maybe he was forced into this film, which feels very likely.

Yes, the whole movie his eyes are this dead.


Death Wish is not as bad as its RT score suggest but it could be much better. Also, I don’t want to hold this against the film because they can’t control what happens between production and the release. But with the Parkland shooting just a few weeks ago, the US people really don’t need a film about a man who protects his home with an Assault Rifle in the end. It didn’t feel right. However, I’m not going to knock the movie for that because it didn’t cause these mass shootings.

Death Wish (2018) Drinking Game

Do a Shot: for every person shot/killed.

Take a Drink: for every bad joke.

Do a Shot: for every moment you think Bruce Willis needs to wake up.

Do a Shot: for every convenient moment in the film… I’m looking at you Bowling Ball.

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