The Chumscrubber (2005)

The Chumscrubber (2005)
The Chumscrubber (2005) DVD / Blu-ray

By: Byron Davel (A Toast) –

What an interesting movie.  I first watched this movie when I was about 12, down in Durban and didn’t know what on earth was happening. But second and third time round, damn was it brilliant, a movie about ‘ The Chumscrubber’ a person who helps kids and parents deal with problems in an unusual way.

Dean (Jamie Bell) is the lonely main character.  It was his best friend who committed suicide and also supplied drugs to a majority of the town’s residents. Camille Belle (Crystal) is the girl in the story who helps Dean with getting the drugs to the school bully. The narrative of the story is brilliant. The unraveling of events in this story, be it strange or planned, is so well-timed and it keeps us interested in all the characters, while at the same time keeps one or two things away from us. The story reflects on real-life relationships between parents and their children, it shows us how one small town has so much chaos going on, yet the parents of all the children are unaware. In the middle of the second act things start going worse as parents start realizing things about themselves and their own relationships with their respective children.

The cast includes Justain Chatwin as BIlly, the school bully and a major dickhead, Glenn Close as the deranged mother of the boy who committed suicide, and Ralph Fiennes as the Mayor of the town who also has a dark and somewhat twisted fantasy.  All the actors were definitely in the same mindset as their Director, Arie Posin, who wanted a dark and distant feeling for the film, while still being humorous and enlightening.


A few of our main characters after a scuffle between Billy and Dean. Told you he was dick.

A Toast

Well I have two. Firstly to the look and feel of the movie. I enjoy movies that have set the bar at the start of the film as to how the audience should feel.  With a movie like this it seems tricky, because of the genre and content, however it is set up well because we have a suicide early in the story which works well influencing the audience in a certain direction.

Secondly I toast to the sexy woman in the film.  We have Crystal and her mom, whichever is hotter is up to you.


A shot with Dean and his two extremist parents on either side. Looks like most of us when we get school results back.



The Final Verdict for me is: thank you, to everyone who was involved in making this film, because it speaks to an audience. It doesn’t speak to them like a sissy, either, or how our teachers do when they say ‘You can do anything if you believe’ , this story shows that to us in a weird and profound way, and it gives us a person to use as an example of it as well. Now, one thing I do applaud but may also slander are the camera angles and cinematography. It is straightforward camera work, executed well and lit beautifully, but would it have been as effective or more effective if we had someone like  Larry Smith (Drive, Bronson) light the scene? It just makes me wonder.


Drinking Game

Take a Drink: every time Billy is a major douchebag.

Take a Drink: every time we see someone using drugs, for good or bad.

Take a Sip: every time the movie goes into Chumscrubber mode (you will know when you see it).

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  1. I’m gonna have to give this a watch now.

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