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Henry J. Fromage (Four Beers) –

A Toast

When I first saw the preview for Catfish, it hooked me immediately.

catfish 2010

Hah! Just punning…

It was intense, and established an intriguing mystery that reputable reviewers were calling it “a bizarre and completely unpredictable mystery” and “the best Hitchcock film Hitchcock never directed.” All of this from a documentary that was “Not based on a true story, not inspired by true events, just true.” You win, marketing.I’m watching it!

Beer Two

The film itself starts out well.It uses an imaginative and well-edited take on technology to document the growing internet relationship between a photographer in New York and a suspiciously artistic woman and her attractive and talented family.Warning signs develop fairly quickly and continue to mount until he decides to visit the family himself.Drink a beer to the look on his face when he finds out his online relationship isn’t everything that it seems.You should know by now that all of the hot single women on the internet are actually this guy:

chubby bearded internet guy

Beer Three

When he finds out, shakes alive!, that he’s being lied to, he suddenly convinces himself that he has the right to violate privacy faster than the Homeland Security Act.

homeland security soldier

Freedom isn’t free, cause you know, you have to pay some freedom to get, umm, more freedom… wait now

Beer Four

All of this said, the movie does an excellent job building suspense as you wait to discover what exactly is going on.Leading up to the confrontation you might find yourself becoming physically nervous.This is in part due to expectations built up by the marketing and the reviewers who played along, but credit also needs to be given to excellent filmmaking.

Then you find out what the big secret is.I guess I’ll play along and not tell you.Just let me say that some reviewers have never left their penthouses and private clubs and taken a jaunt down to Walmart.This is what America looks like, people, and not nearly as surprising or rare as you think it is.Oh, and can we let poor Mr. Hitchcock rest in peace, already?

Alfred HitchcockSorry, sir.I don’t know why reviewers insist on shitting on your grave.


Watch it.If you don’t expect to be blown off your feet, you just might get something out of it.


Bonus Drinking Game

Take a drink: whenever the filmmakers pull a dick move

Take a drink: each time Facebook is mentioned or shown

Drink a shot: when you first figure out what the “secret” is and/or when it is revealed

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