Casino (1995) Movie Review

Casino (1995)
Casino (1995) DVD/Blu-Ray

By: Byron Davel (A Toast) –

Easily one of Scorses’s best gangster movies other than Goodfellas. This film, set in Las Vegas,  follows the rise of gangster, Sam Rothstein(Robert De Niro) and his million dollar Casino business. De Niro happily marries Ginger (Sharon Stone) while business is booming; unfortunately she becomes engulfed in the money after a while and loses sight of her love for De Niro. Joe Pesci plays Nicky Santoro, who is one of Sam’s close childhood friends, unfortunately his short temper and violent nature cause him spin out of control, creating countless problems for his long time friend and his wife.

Life in Las Vegas could have been easy for them, but a gangster’s life has lots of untied ends, that can only be tied when you’re dead.  To me, this movie is about greed and how it changes people, here we see De Niro’s wife being engulfed in it, but not De Niro himself, which also brings family, jealousy and trust into the movie as well. One last point to touch on is the music in the film, Artists like Dean Martin, The Rolling Stones and Ray Charles help set the mood and tone of the violence, love, sex, murder and risk. A truly great film that will leave you unsettled.


Sam Rothstein: I am going to ask you one last time Nicky, have you watched Casino yet?

A Toast

To the Director who created a visually stunning move, filled with breathtaking shots and angles that help motivate every single action in the film. Wardrobe is flawless; the gangsters look amazing in every shot and finally the attention to detail in the chronology, filmed in 1995, but based in the 70’s. Let’s just say, there was nothing 1995 about this film. What I tell a lot of people about this film is; if you want a gangster movie, a love movie, and a comedy movie, watch Casino.


Can you imagine if all guys still dressed like this when we went out during the day? Getting woman’s numbers would be so much easier.



One of the top five gangster movies of all time. Method acting that leaves the audience feeling as uncomfortable as the poor bastards who got shot in the movie themselves. The only question I do have for this film is; how accurate were the gangsters portrayed in this movie and is the feeling the audience has towards them as emotional as what the Director wanted.


Drinking game

Take a Drink: every time Nicky Santoro says; “fuck”, “asshole”, or “busting my balls”, you can help yourself to a big sip of whatever it is you’re drinking, except coffee.


Take a Drink: every time Sam Rothstein has a different suit on.


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