Broadcast News (1987)

Broadcast News (1987)
Broadcast News (1987) DVD / Blu-ray

By: Henry J. Fromage (Two Beers) –

Three people follow their destinies while working for a television news show, balancing their careers with an on-again, off-again love triangle.Oh, and Holly Hunter’s voice is just crazy.

A Toast

James L. Brooks has made a career out of character-driven romantic dramedies such as Terms of Endearment and As Good as It Gets, and Broadcast News is one of his best.The writing is smart, the subject matter- the inner workings of TV news- is both compelling and informative, and the acting is superb.

A libation to the beginning of the film, which shows the film’s three principal characters in childhood and then forecasts what they grow up to be.It’s a novel approach that’s equal parts humor and commentary and delivered excellently.

Give a guess what he’ll be.

Holly Hunter and Albert Brooks do great acting jobs, and Brooks in particular serves as a sort of moral compass for the film and a good contrast to Hunter’s motivated yet romantically indecisive character and John Hurt’s prettyboy buffoon who both meander through life like a bull in a china shop without knowing the effect their decisions have on others.

That didn’t go so well…

Hurt in particular is excellent as a man who is too handsome and magnetic to fail, no matter what his feelings are in the matter.He is acutely aware of limitations of his intelligence and ability, and is trying work in spite of those.Hurt captures these nuances like a maestro and is worth the price of admission all by himself.

Beer Two

It’s hard to find too much trouble with this movie, although it isn’t perfect.Some of the jokes fall flat or have that awful 80s corniness.

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Just… horrifying.

Holly Hunter’s very distinctive accent deserves a slug, especially when you get to where the novelty wears off and you realize it’s the exact opposite of sexy.Then Joan Cusack started talking and I realized just how annoying annoying can get.She’s only in the movie about five minutes, but each one is excruciating.

Kill it with fire.


Watch it.This is one of the best movies about the television industry out there.


Bonus Drinking Game

Take a drink: every time John Hurt finds a way to call himself stupid

Take a drink: every time Holly Hunter ignores Albert Brooks’ advances

Drink a shot: every time Joan Cusack opens her mouth

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