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Borat (2006)
Borat (2006) DVD/Blu-Ray

By: Byron Davel (A Toast) –

Rude, Vulgar, Chauvinistic, Inappropriate, Anti Semitic, Graphic, and Funny are a few of the words used to describe Sacha Baron Cohen’s mockumentary; Borat. This controversial movie released in 2006 was Sacha’s most destructive and brilliant movie yet. It follows Kazakhtsan nationals, Borat Sagdiyev(Sacha Baron Cohen) and his Producer Azamat Bagatov( Ken Davitian) as they journey through the USA, to better their view and understanding of American culture, lifestyle, and diplomatic views.

Borat is a much loved journalist in his small town in a fictional Kazakhstan; he has to go to America to educate himself on the American Lifestyle. His Journey is hindered by the discovery of Pamela Anderson whom he wished to marry later in the story. Azamat does not take kindly to this new decision and eventually he leaves Borat with no money and takes his bear.

The movie is a mockumentary, which allows it to push boundaries and get away with lots of things you couldn’t necessarily put in any other movie. Most of Sacha’s audience know he is an educated man and his movies are usually very clever.  Despite Borat being incredibly inappropriate and offensive to number of demographics and jingoistic Americans, it is a smart film and he does things in this movie that you need to pay attention to in order to appreciate why he made it.


Having protection in the U.S of A is critical, even if it is a bear.

A Toast

To the comedy of this movie. Yes, it is offensive and rude and vulgar, but for people who can take a joke and dish out jokes on a daily basis, enjoy it. For all the Americans who have rock hard love for their country, loosen up a bit and let Borat make fun of your ways. Also, a toast is in order to you, Pamela Anderson, for being a good sport and having fun in the movie, even after Borat attacked you and chased you into a parking lot. Finally to the wardrobe, this movie was so real in every way and wardrobe played a big part, especially in the scenes in Kazakstahn, which were actually filmed in Romania. Well done, you smelly travellers.


Having a casual sip of water from a normal water dispenser or so it seems.



For a movie that had limited distribution in the United States, it was a commercial success.  It is the funniest movie I have ever seen, probably because I relate to the rudeness. So, to a movie with copious amounts of humour, lots of satire, and more vulgarity than Charlie Sheen’s voicemail we salute you. Also to Sacha Baron Cohen and Ken Davitian for staying in character so precisely and never ever changing accents, gestures, colloquialisms, or national mannerisms.


Drinking Game

Take a Sip of Beer or Wine: every time in the movie we see a minority being made fun of or criticized by Borat’s narrow-minded view on life, but Have Two Fingers of Hard Liquor: every time you see a patriotic American.

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  1. In college, I had a full-sized Borat cut-out that I “liberated” from a movie theater my friend worked at. Perfect thing to bring a scuzzy college apartment together with, although his eyes were unnerving… Anyways, quality review, and quality flick.

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