Blade Runner (1982) Movie Review

Bladerunner (1982)
Bladerunner (1982) DVD/Blu-Ray

By: Katherine Balestrini (A Toast) –

2019 is just around the corner and the chances of real Blade Runners looks to be merely fiction, but what a perfect fiction Ridley Scott painted for us in 1982. A movie that captures the imagination; the art of film that in today’s world is sometimes forgotten. The magic that is science fiction is rarely captured as beautifully as it is in this cinematic marvel. It has inspired nerds, geeks, and movie makers for over three decades. They can try and remake/reboot, but nothing will ever make my skin tingle more when I think about a turtle lying belly up in the sun… know what I am talking about.


Smoking at work…..what you gunna do? Shoot me!

The movie centres around Harrison Ford’s Character, Deckard, who is assigned the task of retiring (a pleasant way of saying kill) Replicants (human looking robots). They only live for four years, but he has to kill them regardless. It’s his job… well was. Deckard then goes on to meet the STUNNING Sean Young, who may or may not have four years to live, and they tell dark stories to each other. A scary one about spiders I remember and still have nightmares about.


I’m far too perfect to only live 4 years. So what can I do to you to help me live longer?

There are also flying cars, eyeballs, lots of Chinese food, rain, rain, some more rain (its like Ridley Scott knew what the future held!) and something films are greatly lacking today… plot!


If it wasn’t for the flying car, this could be a picture of 2013

A Toast

I have watched this film SO many times, that I wanted to be a Blade Runner. I watched it for the first time when I was 12, and those iconic words: ex-cop, ex-Blade Runner, are to me the most memorable of all Ridley Scott’s films. The fact that Harrison Ford hated doing the voiceover and that Ridley Scott has it out of every version since is their prerogative. What does Indiana Jones know anyway?

Ex-cop, Ex-blade runner… AWESOME FILM


I don’t do voice-overs!!



Origami figures haven’t really been used that much before this movie, but Gaff(Edward James Olmos) does a great job in scaring the rock hard Deckard with his paper figures.  I would have just used one to light one of the many cigarettes everyone smokes.

The movie is Science Fiction perfection, there is no discussion on this, unless I meet Mr. Scott, in which case I will retire him for remaking the film, cutting the film, re-editing the film, re-releasing the film, re-re-editing the film… just STOP!!!


Drinking Game

Take a Drink: every time it rains.

Take a Drink: every time someone asks a question. There will be some heavy drinking.

Take a Drink: when something arty happens that no one understands.

Do a Shot: every time Deckard kills a Replicant.

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  1. I saw this movie in a theatre when it was first released and even though I was young I knew that this movie was special..Now many years later it is unbelievable how great it still is! It holds it’s own against all of the FX advancements made in the last 30 years as if it was made yesterday! Such a great movie! Def in my top 10 of all time in all Genres..

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