Ben Affleck is cast as Batman; Nerd community is enraged…

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Donald Glover leaves Community in pursuit of “Atlanta”

Donald Glover entered the public eye in 2006 as part of College Humor’s sketch comedy group Derrick Comedy.  After garnering a cult following as a key member in the group, Glover has since become a household name by portraying “Troy Barnes” on NBC’s Community. For those of you who have yet to be inundated with gif sets and video clips on the internet from the show, Community centers around a ragtag group of six college students studying at Greendale Community College. Troy Barnes is a staple of Community, so it comes as an abrupt shock that Glover will be leaving the series once the show returns from summer hiatus. The first five episodes of the fifth season will feature Glover as his typical goofy character, but following the first five of thirteen episodes, Glover will no longer be featured in the series.

Glover’s departure from Community is “devastating and heart wrenching” according to series creator, Dan Harmon. Though Community is losing one of it’s key elements, Glover is planning to stay in television with his newest series Atlanta. Donald Glover has seen recent success with his music career under the psuedonym Childish Gambino. Gambino’s debut album “Camp” chronicled his childhood spent mostly in Georgia. The album contains raw emotion, but the television series Glover is working on is rumored to reflect on the humorous, lively side of Georgia.  Atlanta is an animated series fueled by Glover’s witty humor and musical abilities.

Reportedly, Atlanta was highly sought after from several networks, but Glover signed on with FX because of their flexibility with his touring schedule.  FX is supportive of their employee’s other endeavors, most notably by allowing Louis C.K to take a year off from filming to focus on his stand up career. The debut date of Atlanta has yet to be determined, but start checking your local FX listings!


Laura Prepon leaves Orange is the New Black

Referring to the first season of filming Orange is the New Black as a “fun project” via Twitter, Laura Prepon announced her departure from the series. Prepon portrayed Alex Vause, a Heroin dealer serving time for her dealings with an international drug cartel. Prepon’s character’s is the previous love interest of the main character and details from the past relationship fuels much of the show’s drama.  Details are still unclear as to where Alex’s story line will be taken, but questions will be answered as filming progresses.  Orange is the New Black is a Netflix original and only available through subscription to the service. The series chronicles the life of Piper, a girl living a comfortable life with her fiancé and friends, only to be disrupted when her criminal past returns with a vengance.


Ben Affleck is cast as Batman; nerd community is enraged.

Oscar winner Ben Affleck, most recently starring in Argo the suspense thriller based around the 1979 Iranian hostage crisis, has been cast to portray Batman in the sequel to Man of Steel.  Complaints surrounding the casting decision are laced with concern for Affleck’s film career post-Batman.  The actor is highly regarded for his stoic on screen persona, but has seen his share of box office flops (i.e-Gigli, Daredevil.)  Affleck has made a full recovery since the flops, but fans of the Batman saga and of Affleck as an actor are worried the actor does not have what it takes to breathe life into Batman, an already tired series. The film is set to be released in the summer of 2015, so fans still have time to warm up to the idea, or find ways to hate the decision even more.

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